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Student Visa Information (F-1 Visa)


To obtain the F-1 visa, a student must prove that he or she has been accepted into a program of study at a college or university as a matriculated student, and that he or she has the financial resources to live and pay expenses without recourse to employment. The individual must prove to the U.S. Consular Official that he or she wishes to enter the U.S. temporarily and solely to study, and that he/she has a permanent residence in a foreign country which he/she has no intention of abandoning.

Permission to study in the United States is granted by the U.S. Department of Justice (Immigration and Naturalization Service). This permission comes in the form of an F-1 visa and/or F-1 status.

Prospective students can apply to QCC online by clicking in here

Students applying for the Student Visa must provided their TOEFL exam results with their application. For more information about the TOEFL exam go to click here to go to

Once you have submitted your CUNY application and all the required documents to the CUNY application center, [Office of Admission Services, P.O. Box C 639, Bay Station, Brooklyn, NY 11235] you must wait for your acceptance letter from QCC.

Upon matriculated acceptance to Queensborough Community College, the student will receive a letter confirming admission (keep this letter safe and accessible for your Visa application, it is required proof). The next step is to contact the office of Center for International Education & Immigration Services (CIE) of QCC at (718) 631-6611 in Library Room 431, to begin the I-20 process.

Permission to study in the United States is granted by the US Department of State and/or the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service. This permission comes in the form of an F-1 visa or F-1 status. In order to obtain a visa or F-1 status you must have a signed I-20 from an accredited US teaching institution like QCC.

Once you have been academic accepted you must then prove financial ability. You must be able to pay for your studies and living expenses. Either having enough US dollars in your own account or a sponsor(s) willing to support you (either in the US or your home country).

There are two ways you can prove financial ability.

  1. Either you yourself have enough funds to maintain yourself for the duration of your program at QCC. We estimate about 2 ½ years to complete your degree at QCC.

  2. Or a sponsor agrees to pay all your expenses by submitting a notarized affidavit of support.
    The affidavit of support must be notarized. IF there is no such service in your country then you must take it to the nearest US embassy where they will assist you. Click here for the Affidavit of Support form

All additional financial information must be converted to US dollars, See Currency conversion charts at or at

International Students are considered out-of-state residents by CUNY and pay fees as they pertain to that category of student.

For more detail information about QCC's Tuition and Fees Click here

Please note important dates on the QCC Academic Calendar: you must be on campus ideally 1 month (minimally 2 weeks) before classes begin. The Center for International Education and Immigration Services New Student Orientation is generally held 1 week before classes begin, In addition, you must take placement exams, file immunization records, and get advised, register and pay before classes begin. All of this takes time, thus one month extra requested.

Upon arrival in the US you must report to the Center for International Education and Immigration Services office at QCC (Library Room 431). You must bring your immunization records from home for medical clearance, for more information on immunization requirements Click here

You must also take placement tests when you arrive to evaluate your academic levels in reading, writing and mathematics. Your registration advisor uses these results to advise you on the correct classes for which to register.

For Student Visa's frequently asked Questions & Answers posted at the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), click here

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