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Announcement of New Internship Opportunities

Dear Queensborough Community College Student:

If you are interested in or have any questions about internships please take the time to either call (718) 631-6297 or e-mail to make an appointment with me. I will be happy to discuss your internship options with you.

Check out our Guide to Internships and Cooperative Education for more information on how to take advantage of internship opportunities.

New Internship Opportunities for your consideration

Changing the Present

Want to help animals

  • Here is the opportunites you have been looking for:

Major(s): All Majors

About Changing the Present: provides a gift-like experience, which helps 400 leading nonprofits capture money normally spent on traditional presents. The NY Times called it an “ of the nonprofit world.” While a million nonprofits desperately need more funding, Americans spend $250 billion a year on birthday, holiday, and other presents. A pioneering nonprofit, Heifer International, has shown that nonprofits can capture some of that money by making donations, given in a friend’s name, feel like a present. It works! They raise $123 million a year this way. Imagine how much more gift money could be captured by nonprofits addressing popular causes, including your favorites. The challenge is that it is too daunting for most nonprofits to provide a gift-like experience: tangible donation opportunities, wish lists, gift registries, and personalized printed greeting cards. We make it easy.

  • Make the world a better place. You can help nonprofits that assist animals (as well as other causes you care about) capture some of the $450 billion Americans spend each year buying presents.
  • Use your skills, experience, knowledge, creativity and talent.
  • Assume responsibility. Be a leader.
  • Learn a tremendous amount.
  • Work with great people from around the world and have the best time.
  • Enhance your resume and get a glowing letter recommendation.
  • Work in our Manhattan office or remotely.
  • You will engage nonprofits, foundations, associations, thought leaders, media, social media, partners, and celebrities. You will help grow the movement to facilitate and encourage this type of meaningful giving.

Focus on animals and your other favorite cause

This internship or volunteer experience may be the single greatest opportunity to help countless animals. You can:

  • Recruit more interns, volunteers, and evangelist.
  • Research corporate sponsors and philanthropic funders.
  • Help us get word of this opportunity to all million nonprofits.
  • Help raise awarness via magazines, websites, blogs, social media, professional associations, student organizations, and celebrities.
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A Wedding and Bridal Internship / Volunteer Role that Makes a Difference!

Love the wedding and bridal sector

  • Want to make the world a better place
  • You found the right place.

About Charitable Wedding Registries
More and more couples care more about making the world a better place than about receiving one more gravy boat. They are creating charitable wedding registries to encourage friends to make donations in their name in lieu of buying more "stuff."

Your Role
Wedding registries account for $20 billion a year in presents, so this is an important opportunity for us.

You can help us raise awareness and encourage this type of giving. We will be reaching out to wedding magazines, websites, blogs, planners, photographers, designers, social media leaders, YouTube stars, and others connected to the wedding market.

  • Use your skills, experience, knowledge, creativity and talent to connect with the wedding industry and make the world a better place.
  • Help us capture for nonprofits some of the $450 billion Americans spend each year buying presents.
  • Become a member of our dynamic and creative international team, and become a leader among those who care for the same causes as you do.
  • Help us grow a movement to facilitate and encourage a new type of meaningful giving.
  • Work from our Manhattan office or remotely.
  • Enhance your resume and get a glowing letter of recommendation.
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Part Time Sustainability Intern - PGRIM Real Estate Madison NJ

Major(s): Business, Finance, Environmental Sciences

PGIM Real Estate is the real estate investment business of PGIM, Inc., the global investment management business of Prudential Financial, Inc. (NYSE: PRU). Redefining the real estate investing landscape since 1970, PGIM Real Estate has professionals in 18 cities in the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific with deep local knowledge and expertise, and gross assets under management of $66.9 billion ($48.4 billion net) as of September 30, 2016. PGIM Real Estate’s tenured team offers to its global client base a broad range of real estate investment vehicles that span the risk-return spectrum across core, core plus, value-add, debt, securities, and specialized investment strategies.

Job Description:
The Sustainability Intern works with the Global Sustainability group to better measure, monitor and manage the environmental aspects of a global real estate portfolio, ultimately helping to improve building and environmental performance at our globally managed assets.

Major Responispilites Include

  • Manage Energy Star Portfolio Manager data and other environmental data management platforms to monitor building performance, improve data quality and address data outliers
  • Collaborate with internal stakeholders to address Energy Star profiles at the disposition and acquisition of assets
  • Support the sustainability team with its Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) surveys and other investor reporting
  • Work with the sustainability team to enhance stakeholder engagement
  • Where feasible, help automate the collection of energy utility information and synchronize with internal data management systems
  • Support environmental data analysis to identify scalable program opportunities
  • Collaborate with the US Green Building Council’s LEED, National Green Building Standard and other global certification platforms to aggregate completed development projects
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Midtown Comics Business Internship

Major(s): Business, IT, Graphic Design

Available Internship Areas:

  • IT Department
  • Graphic Design Department
  • Purchasing Department
  • Shipping Department
  • Receiving Department
  • Back Issue Department

We have available 1 internship position per department.

Interning Process
Interns will experience the hiring process as for a normal candidate. This experience will allow them to get exposed to how the interview process is and to learn what to expect when they are working on their job search.

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Hospital for Special Surgery

We have many different internship and volunteer opportunities to offer to the students of your academic institution:

  • Sports Marketing
  • Information Technolgy
  • Public Relations
  • Ambassador Services
  • The First Impression Internship Program (directed towards Hospitality Majors, etc…)
  • Private Physician Offices
  • The Department of Medicine Internship Program
  • Security Internships
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AD Realty Inc

About AD Realty Inc
New York City based real estate investment and development company. Leveraging the broad reaching experience, skill sets, and innovative motivation of it's members and assets, AD Realty is strategically positioned to benefit from the robust landscape of real estate development opportunities in New York and beyond. With multiple development and investment projects now underway, AD Realty has begun it's journey towards an end of creating a legacy of innovation. Innovation in design, innovation in development and innovation in real estate investment. Initially focusing on two of the most dynamic and vibrant neighborhoods in New York, AD Realty will develop new residential projects in Williamsburg and Greenpoint Brooklyn. We hope our paths will cross and provide you compelling opportunities to be part of the innovative and timeless design legacy AD Realty will bring to New York and beyond.

Major(s): Business, Marketing, Real Estate

Acquisition & Marketing Intern:


  • Acquire property listing
  • Market Wechat account
  • Work with the marketing director to complete the company's social media account updates and maintenance
  • Explore new topics and hot spots to ensure content updates and interactions once a week
  • Do diversified market research for the real estate market, complete research and analysis report of different projects and make reports
  • Locate, analyze and contact properties
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Current Internship Opportunities for your consideration

FreeTheTextbooks - Internships

The Problem We Address
The skyrocketing cost of college textbooks undermines the education and lives of millions of students, who spend an average of $1,300 a year on books and supplies. 70% of them cannot afford books for all their classes. 30% of them are unable to take classes they want, simply because the books are too expensive. Tacked onto student loans, the textbook costs can haunt them for years.

We Are Going to Change the Situation
Colleges and universities could greatly decrease the cost of textbooks by adopting ten measures, described in the petition below. We are leading a movement to encourage students, faculty, recent graduates, high school students, and parents to advocate for these changes.

Major(s): All Majors, Office Admin. Tech., Marketing

Intern or Volunteer with to Make a Difference!

  • Use your skills, experience, knowledge, creativity and talent.
  • Help lower the cost of college textbooks and save billions of dollars for millions of college students.
  • Take a leadership role on our dynamic and creative international team.
  • Work from our Manhattan office or remotely.
  • Enhance your resume and get a glowing letter of recommendation.
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Major(s): Communications, Journalism, Business, Marketing-FreeTheTextbooks

Communications and Public Relations Internship with Make a Difference!

  • Use your Communications and PR skills, experience, knowledge, creativity and talent.
  • Help lower the cost of college textbooks and save billions of dollars for millions of college students.
  • Take a leadership role on our dynamic and creative international team.
  • Work from our Manhattan office or remotely.
  • Enhance your resume and get a glowing letter of recommendation.
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Major(s): Business, Marketing-FreeTheTextbooks

Marketing Internship with Make a Difference!

  • Use your Marketing skills, experience, knowledge, creativity and talent.
  • Help lower the cost of college textbooks and save billions of dollars for millions of college students.
  • Take a leadership role on our dynamic and creative international team.
  • Work from our Manhattan office or remotely.
  • Enhance your resume and get a glowing letter of recommendation.
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Major(s): Human Resources, Business

This Human Resources (HR) Internship with Lets You Make a Difference!

  • Use your Human Resources skills, experience, knowledge, creativity and talent.
  • Help us build a national team of interns, volunteers, campus reps, and social media activists.
  • Help lower the cost of college textbooks and save billions of dollars for millions of college students.
  • Take a leadership role on our dynamic and creative international team.
  • Work from our Manhattan office or remotely.
  • Enhance your resume and get a glowing letter of recommendation.
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SMJ Baltimore Real Estate Investment and Management

Major(s): Business, Marketing, Office Admin. Tech.

This position is primarily responsible for providing support to the Director of Operations.

Responsibilities to include:

· Assist in tasks related to onboarding of new properties · Assist with entering invoices and deposits into our accounting software system · Scanning and managing documents · Participate in creating financial reports · Help with auditing internal financial information · Communicate actively with other team members regarding project statuses and problem resolution · Data entry · Special projects and other responsibilities as assigned.
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Travers Tool Company, Inc. - Part Time Copywriter Intern

Major(s): Journalism, English

Travers Tool Company, Inc., established in 1924, is a preferred catalog distributor to the metalworking and industrial markets worldwide. We are looking for an energetic, creative Part Time Copywriter Intern to join our team in College Point, NY.

This part time copywriter internship is a perfect opportunity for a college student or recent graduate majoring in journalism with a background in creating original copy for products, writing high-traffic generating articles or white papers for our publication, and curating effective SEO-driven content.

Experience Credentials Required:

  • Composing and optimizing copy across platforms
  • Composing landing webpage copy
  • Research brands and brand categories to develop content and marketing/messaging
  • Collaborate with Marketing and Product Management teams to brainstorm concepts and content
  • Develop creative ideas including copy, headlines, and campaign ideas for direct mail, digital promotions, presentations, collateral, websites, and print advertisements
  • It would be ideal if we found someone with experience in creating and editing ads, brochures, catalogs, sales letters, flyers, press releases, and other materials
  • Social media content
  • Development of Social Media campaigns is also desirable
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The Department of Corrections - IT paid internship

The Department of Correction’s Criminal Justice Bureau is seeking an Intern for the Video Teleconferencing Program which is located on Rikers Island in Queens. The burgeoning inmate population has forced the Department to actively seek out innovative ways to reduce operational costs without compromising the integrity and security of our facilities. Through a joint partnership between the Office of Court Administration (OCA) video teleconferencing was launched in 1996 and has proven to be a successful system-wide approach to expediting criminal justice proceedings in New York City, without the need to transport inmates from the secure confines of the various facilities. As a result of this technology, the Department has been able to reduce operational expenses, enhance public safety and expedite the carriage of justice.

We are seeking an individual will work closely with the Coordinator of Video Teleconferencing (VTC) in capturing the daily data that evidence the utilization of the VTC program. The statistics are captured on Excel by each facility and sent on a daily basis to CJB where they are all used to feed several other reports. There are numerous reports that we need condensed and linked. The intern will be given a project to redesign the reports so that they are can be tracked and easily interpreted.

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Previous Internship Opportunities for your consideration

District Office Internship with Congressman Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY)

Major(s): Journalism, Political Science, Office Admin. Tech.

Congressman Hakeem Jeffries District Office Internship Program offers college and graduate students the opportunity to learn about the United States Congress as well as the 8th Congressional District of New York, which includes portions of Brooklyn and Queens. The office is currently seeking committed applicants on a rolling basis to intern at both the Central Brooklyn and South Brooklyn Offices.

Interns will:

  • Assist with office administrative tasks including, answering the telephone, preparation of special mailings and constituent data entry.
  • Greet and welcome office visitors.
  • Assist staff during office sponsored events, such as Town Halls and community meetings.
  • Assist staff with special projects, including research memos.
  • Gain valuable knowledge on how a Congressional District Office operates.

This internship is unpaid. The Office of Congressman Hakeem Jeffries will work with students seeking to obtain credit for their internship through their school or university.

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Fly Fishing Internship

Major(s): All Majors

Every year since our founding, the Delaware River Club has offered an internship opportunity that is a fantastic experience for a person with fly fishingexperience or the person who wants to pursue a career in the industry. Benefits include free accommodations, meal allowance, use of equipment and fly fishing gear, and more.The Delaware River Club is located on the West Branch of the Delaware River in northeastern Pennsylvania in the southern Catskills. The area is one of the mostbeautiful in the world with large pristine rivers loaded with wild trout and smallmouth bass, surrounded by the lush green mountains of the Catskills and northern Poconos.Duties and educational experience include:

  • Fly shop management, sales and administrative projects such as orders, purchases, inventory management, etc.
  • Training for fly fishing school instructor and fly fishing river guide positions
  • Training on drift boat techniques?Fly fishing marketing and promotional projects
  • Fly fishing lodge and office administration, such as fulfilling reservations, engaging in customer service, etc.
  • Discussing current river conditions, fishing locations and techniques with customers

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Lighthouse Guild

Major(s): Health Related Sciences; Social Work; Psychology; Office Admin. Tech.

Client Services Representatives

The Lighthouse Guild - Diagnostics Treatment Center offers person-centered care including low vision, cardiology, diabetes care and endocrinology, mental health and psychiatry, nephrology, neurology, occupational therapy, optometry, physical therapy, podiatry, and primary care. Our diabetes care includes our Maxine and John M. Bendheim ADA recognized Diabetes Self-Management Education program.

The basis of the Lighthouse Guild Volunteer Ambassador Program was formed with a goal of creating a "client-centered" care model that would enable us to improve the quality of care and customer service provided to Lighthouse Guild clients. At the heart of this initiative are volunteers who, through their support as client service representatives, will help us provide better care and more efficient service to Lighthouse Guild clients.


  • Must be flexible and a self-starter who can adapt in a fast changing environment.
  • Must demonstrate a commitment to outstanding customer service.
  • Must be friendly with excellent communication, and interpersonal skills.
  • Experience working in a doctor’s office, hospital or other health care facility is preferred.
  • Must be smart phone literate and open to learning how to use a medical application.
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality is essential.
  • Bilingual Spanish speaking is preferred but not required. Other language skills are a plus.
  • Sighted Guide training required (will be provided as a part of the training.)
  • Mandatory participation in program training required before service.

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Major(s): All Majors

To volunteer contact Met Council’s Volunteer Services Department at 212-453-9675 or
Volunteering opportunities are typically available Sunday-Friday in all five boroughs
We can always use the help of Spanish, Russian, Mandarin, and Yiddish speakers

Hunger & Food Access

Seniors & Housing

Crisis & Family Violence

Met Council Main Office

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Alley Pond Environmental Center

Major(s): Education, Science related

We are looking for an intern who is interested in working with children in an educational setting, as well as is comfortable with nature and animals. We are looking for someone who may be available Monday and or Friday mornings.

This is an unpaid internship but can be used for credit if you have a student who needs such a placement. Exceptional interns who may be looking for per diem work are often considered when paid positions become available.

Contact Susanne Grossman in the office of Career Services at (718) 631-6297 or e-mail for more information.

Announcing a Spring 2017 Internship Opportunity

Major(s): Education, All Majors

Reading Partners provides an opportunity for volunteers from the community to give a fraction of their time each week to tutor an elementary school student one-on-one in reading using a structured and easy-to-follow curriculum. With just 1 hour a week, you can make a huge difference in the lives of children who have fallen behind in reading and are at risk of falling further.

Reading Partners is recruiting for their program at PS 33 in Queens Village and PS 40 and PS 48 in South Jamaica. No previous tutoring experience required. For more information, go to and submit a volunteer form online. Please feel free to contact Stephanie Caban for additional information on Reading Partners at or 646 807 9028

Queensborough students can obtain 3 college credits for the Reading Partners internship by enrolling in UBST 101. Interested students can contact Prof. Donald Tricarico at for information about this course and visit the “Urban Studies” page on the Social Sciences Department’s website:

ZR Equities

We are a Real Estate investment and development firm looking for an intern to assist in development and launch marketing strategies in various different sectors.

Interns will be spending time inputting data and building databases. Our office is located in Queens and we invest in the boroughs. Individual will have the opportunity to learn the trade of the business and have an opportunity to continue and start a career with the firm.

All resumes should be emailed to

The Refugee Resettlement Office - Education and Employment Intern

Major(s): Pre-law, Social Work, Political Science

Program Description: The Refugee Resettlement Office of Catholic Charities Community Services provides assistance to those with refugee, asylee, and certified victim of trafficking status from diverse backgrounds, offering a variety of case management, employment-based, and educational services that help clients find employment and feel secure in their new community. To further help us with this goal, we are looking to bring on interns who are interested in learning about and engaging in our office functions while interacting one-on-one with clients to help them work towards financial self-sufficiency. We also provide social services to unaccompanied minors as a part of the Safe Passages Family Reunification Program, including home-study and post-release services for children and youth being released from detention centers to their sponsors.

Major Objective: To provide administrative support and direct educational and employment services to clients in the resettlement process.


  • Tutor in ESOL, computer basics, and employment readiness
  • Assist in school enrollments and job applications
  • Perform mock interviews and interview preparation
  • Develop client resumes
  • Facilitate workshops
  • Research in education, housing, mental health, and other resources available in NYC
  • Accompany clients to appointments
  • Assist in administrative tasks

Duration: January 17, 2017 – April 28, 2017

Benefits: Interns are able to work with a diverse, multicultural staff and client population, learn more about the challenges that refugees/asylees face and the services that are available to these populations in New York City, provide a service to the office that is integral in the resettlement process, and engage in the detailed intricacies of non-profit programming and management.



The Office of Senator James Sanders Jr. is seeking Economic Development Interns. If you are interested in helping to develop an urban community by stimulating economic growth as an economic development intern, please contact Latoya Benjamin, Director of Economic Development at the office of NYS Senator James Sanders Jr.

Major(s): Business, Political Science

We are seeking Undergraduate and Graduate students majoring in Economic Development or Urban Planning with proficiency in analytical research; experience performing community economic development field research or having a minor in Finance or Economics; Demography is a plus.

Interns will work closely with our Director of Economic Development on project tasks that will include but are not limited to:

  • Policy-relevant research
  • Gathering analytical data
  • Market research and analysis
  • Prepare program cost analysis
  • Development and presentation of policy goals
  • Research and track demographics of the district
  • Accompany Director of Economic Development to meetings and provide minutes
  • Create a dataset of useful resources

To apply please send resume and cover letter immediately via email:

Be aware that The Office of Career Services will be sending you a notice in your weekly TigerMail “Newsletter” alerting you to NEW internship opportunities that become available. Many of them have time sensitive information. If you find one that you want information about, make sure to print the information about the opportunity you’re interested in and bring it with you.

Thank you for your attention.

Susanne Grossman,
Office of Career Services
Internship Coordinator/Placement Advisor
(718) 631-6297

View previous internship opportunities


Cultural Centers

image description
Kupferberg Holocaust Resource Center and Archives

Using the lessons of the Holocaust to educate current and future generations about the ramifications of unbridled prejudice, racism and stereotyping.

image description
QPAC: Performing Arts Center

QPAC is an invaluable entertainment company in this region with a growing national reputation. The arts at QPAC continues to play a vital role in transforming lives and building stronger communities.

image description
QCC Art Gallery

The QCC Art Gallery of the City University of New York is a vital educational and cultural resource for Queensborough Community College, the Borough of Queens and the surrounding communities.