Kimberlyn Rowe - CSTEP Student Profile

Name: Kimberlyn Rowe

Major: LS

QCC Graduation Date: May 2013

What has your experience been like as a CSTEP student?
As a CSTEP student, I have found that the opportunities provided have prepared me a lot for my future as a STEM student.  I have received many advantages academically, which include advisement, career preparation, tutoring, information workshops, internship and research opportunities, and other important services.  I have benefited a lot from being a part of such a program that offers support and representation.  I enjoyed being honored for my academic performance and receiving certificates.  I am thankful to have been recommended for so many internships and achievements.  I am very appreciative that CSTEP is able to recognize the importance that the STEM field has to offer economically and encourage me and others to pursue it.

What are your plans after graduating from Queensborough ?

After I graduate from QCC, I plan to transfer to Stony Brook University.  I will be majoring in Biochemistry. I hope to achieve academic excellence there as I have been, here at QCC.  I also plan to join a program that offers similar benefits as CSTEP.

I plan to continue to pursue a career as a pharmacist.