Rhoundy Jones - CSTEP Student Profile

Name: Rhoundy Jones

Current Major: Business Administrative

Anticipated Graduation Date:  Graduated

What has your experience been like being a CSTEP student in the CSTEP program?

To be honest, CSTEP has had a major impact on my life. CSTEP did not just allow me to grow as a student but also as a person. I was able to overcome some of my own self-doubt about what my potential can be with the guidance and support of the CSTEP staff. I personally believe that if I was not part of this program and did not have it as my academic support system; my years at QCC would have been much more difficult.

What are your career goals after you graduated from QCC?

My career goal is to work in the financial industry.

What are your academic goals after you graduate from QCC?

Since I graduated from QCC I went on to YORK College and obtained my B.S. in Business Administration. My next academic goal is to get my MBA in economics and Finance.