Rabia Choudry- CSTEP Student Profile

Student Name: Rabia Chaudry

Current Major: Health Science

Anticipated Graduation Date: 2013

What has your experience been like being a CSTEP student in the CSTEP program?

Being part of CSTEP was an amazing experience, because you do not have to wait long to get advisement. I was able to get free textbook, Metrocard, pens and USB’s.  The staff at CSTEP is extremely helpful and the events they held were fun.

What are your career goals after you graduated from QCC?

After graduating from QCC, I am transferring to LIU Brooklyn and continuing to approach my goal on becoming a Sonographer (Health Sciences).

What are your academic goals after you graduate from QCC?

My academic goals after graduating is to continue to keep my GPA high, get my Bachelors degree and get my license in Sonography.

Please write below any highlights in you academic career, for example any research, volunteer work or award that you participated in or won?

I did volunteer work in best medical care for 80 hours, assisting patients.  I also received Alley pond and Nutrition certificates and CPR and ECSI cards.