Want to be part of CSTEP?

To be Eligible for CSTEP, students need to:

  • Be Full-time
  • Be a New York State resident
  • Declare a major accepted by CSTEP under eligibility requirements
  • Be a member of a historically under-represented group in STEM or economically eligible
  • Maintain a GPA of 3.0 or above

What Programs of Study are Accepted by CSTEP?

CSTEP accepts students enrolled in the following curricula:

  • Accounting (BA)
  • Biotechnology (BY)
  • Business Administration (accounting only) (BT)
  • Catholic Medical Center (KM)
  • Computer Engineering Technology (CT)
  • Computer Information Systems (DP)
  • Computerized Architectural and Industrial Design (DD)
  • Digital Art and Design (DA)
  • Electronic Engineering Technology (ET)
  • Environmental Health (EH)
  • Health Sciences (HS)
  • Laser and Fiber Optics Engineering Technology (PL)
  • Liberal Arts And Sciences and Childhood Education (LE)
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences (Mathematics and Sciences) (LS)
  • Massage Therapy (TM)
  • Mechanical Engineering Technology (MT)
  • Medical Office Assistant (MA)
  • Internet Technology (EM)
  • Nursing (NS)
  • Nursing (Pre-Clinical) (NP)
  • Office Administration and Technology (BS)
  • Pre- Engineering (PE)
  • Science for Forensic (SF)
  • Telecommunication Technology (TC)

What does CSTEP expect from its students?

  • Participate in an Internship or research project prior to graduation
  • Attend all CSTEP club events
  • Check your tigermail daily and reply as necessary
  • Be in constant communicate with CSTEP staff
  • Come in for advisement
  • Ask for help when you need it
 CSTEP Eligibility