CETL Offers Two New Workshop Series

In order to continue discussions initiated during the first New Faculty Institute (Jan 14 – 17) and to include “seasoned” as well as adjunct faculty in the discussions, CETL will inaugurate two new workshop series in Spring ’13.  Though some material(s) will be presented, the majority of the time will be spent learning from your colleagues through discussing, brainstorming, or even creating Faculty Interest Groups (FIGs) for future workshops.

Teaching at QCC   SoTL: Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
(Wednesday 1:15pm - 3:00 pm) 

Each of these sessions will center on one of the most common teaching issues faculty face. 

Jan 30:  Creating a Dynamic Syllabus – how to match your pace to students’

Feb 6:  Managing Your Classroom – mediating discussion, disruptions and dissent

March 6:  Facilitating Effective Group Work

April 10: Using Writing as a Way to Learn (without adding to your paper-grading load)


Friday 10-1 pm

These bi-monthly sessions will familiarize participants with the purpose and influence of this burgeoning field; in very general terms, the scholarship of teaching and learning involves taking a scholarly approach to teaching just as we would to any other area of knowledge-making. 


For many faculty—especially faculty at two year public institutions where teaching loads, class sizes, and students’ learning challenges all tend to be high—the most compelling and urgent research questions emerge directly from their own practice.  Similarly, this series of workshops will begin with participants reflecting on their own teaching.  We will then follow a sequence of hand-on activities intended to facilitate future presentations and publications in an area of participants’ individual teaching interest and/or expertise. At the very least, a participant will conclude the series with an informed and well-planned abstract/proposal and a well-chosen conference to which s/he can submit that proposal.  

ref book The following are the dates for this series of working lunches:

Feb 1 and 22

March 8 and 22

April 5 and 26