QCC/CUNY Links for Faculty


The Academic Computing Center offers personalized help with the Blackboard environment, applications like Power Point, Front Page, scanning, digital photography and video or audio recording.

Instructional Support Services
serves as a College resource providing QCC students with supplemental assistance in all credit-bearing courses.

IPass is a brand new Instructional Support Service distance learning project providing students with 24-hour on-line writing assistance and “e-tutoring”.

Institutional Research
The Office of Institutional Research Assessment supports the academic, student affairs, and other administrative functions of QCC by providing information for decision making and planning. Using institutional documents, such as the Mission Statement and Strategic Plan, the IRO initiates research and evaluation studies for assessing institutional effectiveness, program evaluation and student learning outcomes.

Office of Services for Students With Disabilities
The Office of Services for Students With Disabilities offers special assistance and counseling for students with special needs. Services include academic, vocational, and psychological counseling.

Links for Faculty