Cultural and Archival Rersources at Queensborough

Cultural and Archival Resources at QCC

AAC&U Resources:

AAC&U Resources:"How Colleges Can Influence the Development of a Global Perspective"

Study Abroad Program:

Salzburg Global Seminar-
“Global Citizenship: Ethics and Engagement”

Faculty-led Study Abroad in Nevers, France

Study Aboard - The Study Abroad program offers students the opportunity for personal growth and global understanding. Students gain insights into other cultures, develop new perspectives, and learn to reflect on their own culture.

High Impact Educational Practices:

Academic Service Learning
Common Intellectual Experiences
Learning Communities
Collaborative Assignments and Projects
Undergraduate Research
Writing Intensive Courses
Diversity/Global Learning Projects

Professional Development:

Making Cultural Connection Seminars

  • Seminar Info.
  • Learning Activities
  • Seminar Goals
  • Participants
  • Facilitator
  • Outcome
The seminar series includes four sessions

SESSION I: This session introduces key questions related to making cultural connections and designing teaching & learning modules based on the cultural and archival resources at QCC.

SESSION II: This session focuses on various models of integrating cultural resources via high impact educational practices that promote student engagement.

SESSION III: This session introduces intercultural competence assessment tools

SESSION IV: This session includes presentations by seminar participants. Faculty have the opportunity to showcase their projects, solicit feedback, and explore collaborative projects to infuse diversity and global learning in the curriculum.

Participants will have the opportunity to:

Examine the basic assumptions and issues of intercultural communication and various tracks of global learning

Review basic intercultural topics, styles of communication, cultural values, and issues related to cultural adaptation

Explore the ways in which an intercultural approach can help to diversify the course materials and represent a broader range of cultural and other perspectives, literacies, histories, etc.

Review resources available for further study of the subject

To build a cohort of faculty who are interested to work on an in-depth, intellectually rich, and focused exploration of diversity and global learning

To support faculty in identifying culturally sensitive intervention strategies for learning, team-building, and assessment in order to enable students to consider multiple perspectives in viewing the world.

To enhance the opportunities for integrating QCC’s cultural/ archival resources in the curriculum;

  • All participants will submit a one page statement of interest;
  • All participants must commit to attending  four sessions
  • All participants will develop instructional materials for  their projects  
  • All participants will create multimedia presentations  for workshops  and mentoring of faculty
  • Participants will be informed of publication opportunities
Dr. Meg Tarafdar
Associate Director,
Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
Library Suite 314
QCC, CUNY (City University of New York)

Former participants have developed culturally inclusive pedagogy that reflects the multiple and diverse cultural realities of both minority and mainstream groups. Faculty members have collaborated in integrating cultural/archival resources such as the Holocaust Center, Art Gallery, and Performing Arts in preparing students to become globally competent citizens. The projects highlight multiple tracks of the global education framework: Intercultural Learning, Sustainable Development, Technology as a global tool, and Human Rights Education. Faculty members participated in reflection activities, identified tools to assess the impact of this project, and have learned about publication opportunities in this area.