Opportunities for Faculty Participation


eLearning Institute - Summer 2012

This faculty development initiative is emphasizing partly online (blended) courses, but faculty members who wish to develop fully online (asynchronous) courses may also apply. Training will involve hands-on course development activities and an evaluation and reflection session in Fall 2012. Stipends are available for faculty who complete the preparation for online delivery (under the guidance of a peer faculty mentor and the College’s online instructional design staff) and the course is approved as meeting nationally accepted standards for implementation by the office of Academic Affairs.eLearning

Contact : Bruce Naples, Executive Director of Academic Computing and eLearning: bnaples@qcc.cuny.edu extension 6624


Faculty ePortfolio Seminar

Faculty attend a series of workshops to design and develop their teaching and professional ePortfolios in order to articulate, illustrate, and reflect on one's teaching philosophy and the relationship between course goals, assignments, and evidence of student learning . By going through the process of ePortfolio development, faculty gain an insight into the value of ePortfolios in teaching, learning, and assessment.

Faculty participants work together as a cohort to document professional growth & achievement. Stipends are available to faculty who complete the process of developing their ePortfolio to represent their work as an instructor and scholar.

Contact : Meg Tarafdar, CETL Associate Director: mtarafdar@qcc.cuny.edu extension 5161


ePortfolio and Personal Learning Environments

epsilen_eportfolio EPortfolio is a personalized, electronic archiving system which allows students to express their educational goals and see their own progress as students as they move through college. It can also incorporate social networking. Read more

The Student Wiki Interdisciplinary Group partners English and Basic Educational Skills courses with an additional content course that creates a shared student centered space through the technology of Epsilen’s Academic web platform. This platform allows students to electronically archive and share their written, visual, aural compositions and research with others. Read more

Queensborough Leads Nation in Innovative use of ePortfolios in Virtual Learning Communities. Since 2007, the Making Connections ePortfolio team at Queensborough Community College has collaborated to develop a set of pioneering strategies to tap into the dynamic potential of the ePortfolio platform to promote student engagement and learning. During the initial phase in the Making Connections project, we focused on mastering ePortfolio’s traditional or static component – the ePortfolio section entitled About Me. However, during the next year’s iteration of our ePortfolio work, we quickly began to explore and develop social pedagogy strategies using Epsilen’s ePortfolio tools. Read more

Faculty participants who attend development meetings and assess integrated learning receive stipends each semester.

Contact : Dr. Kiki Byas, Project Director: tbyas@qcc.cuny.edu extension 5530


Freshman Academy Faculty Cohorts


Faculty participate in general education assessment and best practice discussions in interdisciplinary small groups.

Stipends are available for faculty who submit assessment of student learning.

Contact : Michele Cuomo, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs: mcuomo@qcc.cuny.edu extension 6344


Learning Community

A Learning Community is two thematically linked courses taught by two different professors. The same students are in each of the classes. These classes assist students in seeing connections between disciplines, and help them get to know their fellow students and professors. Read more

Stipends are available each semester to faculty who complete the Learning Community Initiative guidelines which includes demonstration of faculty collaboration and assessment of integrated learning.

Contact : Susan Madera, Academic Specialist for High Impact Practices: smadera@qcc.cuny.edu extension 5289


Academic Service-Learning


Academic Service-Learning involves class assignments that take students’ work out into the community. Students learn more about the subject they are studying while making an impact outside the classroom, encouraging civic engagement.

Faculty receive stipends to design and implement service learning projects. Read more

Contact : Jo Pantaleo, Academic Service-Learning Project Director: jpantaleo@qcc.cuny.edu extension 5709


Writing Intensive Courses

Writing Intensive Courses are specifically designed to improve students’ writing ability through all the academic disciplines. Two writing intensive courses are required to graduate.

Stipends are available for semester long Writing Intensive Certification, with an online option.

Contact : Dr. Megan Elias, WI Project Director melias@qcc.cuny.edu extension 5052