Backward Course Design
The Key to Enhanced Student Learning


Course Design Workshop
Designing your Course for Significant Learning
A workshop to support faculty participating in High Impact Practices (HIPs)

Participants of the course design workshop-Jan 16, 2014

Workshops Sessions:

Aug 27th: Session 1: (2:00 PM - 4:00 PM) &
Aug 28th: Session 2: (10:00 AM - 12:00 PM)

What is Course Design:

  • For faculty participating in Queensborough’ s High Impact Practices, a faculty development workshop called “Backwards Course Design: The Key to Enhanced Student Learning” is offered by CETL. Faculty are given the basic steps of an instructional design process based on the student learning goals of their course as well as the specific high impact practice they are implementing. In collaborative groups dedicated to each of the 7 HIPs at QCC, faculty practice creating their own course designs and thus creating “significant learning experiences” for QCC students.
Book and video on Course Design:

 Creating Significant
 Learning Experiences
L. Dee Fink


    • Integration
    • Active Learning
    • Educative Assessment
    • Formulating Significant Goals
    • 4 Steps to Backward Course Design

Qcc Video on Course Design: