The mission of CETL is to foster faculty’s innovation and effectiveness.  By promoting teaching grounded in evidence-based best practices and publication grounded in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, CETL facilitates not just faculty excellence, but student success as well.

By using a collaborative approach, building on faculty strengths, focusing on the tasks of instruction and learning, and bringing faculty in contact with excellent instructional practices and technology, CETL supports a campus culture that recognizes and values faculty role.

Through a variety of activities and services, CETL provides environments for faculty to come together to share teaching experiences and expertise. Promulgating a collaborative, problem solving approach to the art and science of teaching, CETL supports faculty and staff who utilize both proven traditional and progressive student-centered learning approaches.

CETL Staff

Dr. Kathleen Landy, Director
Office: L-315
Phone: 718-281-5082 
Academic Program Manager, High Impact Practices
Susan Madera, Academic Program Manager, High Impact Practices
Office: L-316 A
Phone: 718-281-5289

Advisory Board

  • Dr. Diane Call -President
  • Dr. Paul Marchese- Interim VP for Academic Affairs and CAO
  • Zivah Perel-Katz -English
  • Maria Mercedes Franco -Math
  • Jennifer Maloy-Academic Literacy
  • Vazgen Shekoyan-Physics
  • Urszula Golebiewska -Biology
  • Ann Marie Menendez -Nursing
  • Jeff Jankowski -Psychology
  • Lorena Ellis -Foreign Languages

Contact CETL

  • Library Building, Suite 314
  • (718) 281-5161
  • Hours - Monday through Friday
    9 AM - 5 PM