CETL Services request form

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Please indicate your name, QCC department, and today’s date as well as the date, QCC event/department, and type of service you are requesting.

Name:   QCC Department:   Phone:

Today's Date:

Date of service and time needed (if applicable)

Purpose of service (instruction material and/or course creation, publication, presentation for QCC faculty/staff, etc)

Type of service(s) you're requesting:


workshops or workshop series in pedagogical methods and other faculty concerns
 individual consultation
 creating learning outcomes
 pedagogical research designing studies; identifying assessment methods; writing results; submitting  and/or revising work for publication
design of instructional tools/activities
 assessment modeling and mentoring for faculty
 interfacing/collaborating with other CTLs or CUNY offices

Technical Assistance
 Type of technical assistance/software to be used
 Set up of multiple computer terminals in Lab for presentation attendees
 Video demonstration assistance
 Website building
 Powerpoint presentation
 Smart podium set up
EBooks creation
 Camtasia recording

Resources and Outreach

 Computer lab and learning environment
Promotion of QCC’s visibility in CUNY initiatives and national organizations
 information crucial to faculty effectiveness and professional development opportunities
on-campus teaching initiatives
 grant, conference, and academic journals’ RFPs
on-line and hard copy resources such as lists of journals dedicated to SoTL

If you have any questions, please contact the CETL office at 718-281-5161