Bing-Chuan Chiu, Programmer Extraordinaire

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I am part of an elite team of web and media professionals @ QCC. We are just a handful of people that perform the duties of dozens.

I am here to simplify your life through technology and programming.  If you have an academic bottleneck that might be solvable with my toolbox of knowledge, please contact my department head.

If you have a non-academic bottleneck, you may contact me personally.

First Year @ QCC:
Integrations Developer for the migration of the Queensborough Community College website from an Adobe Dreamweaver environment to a more intuitive Content Management System using Hannon Hill’s Cascade Server CMS. The project required research and testing of various CMS systems to identify and recommend a solution to the campus. Upon acquisition, I developed a user-friendly Events Calendar and Job Board for the new CMS integrated with a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 environment. The second phase of the project consisted of converting the current 8,000 page site to a new theme and integrating those assets into the CMS. The final phase was to integrate a form processing back-end which will allow a web form, with any amount of form fields, to be processed.

My Many Duties
  • UI/UX Developer: Primarily focused on user-friendly UIs. Use of JQUERY and other JS frameworks to rapidly develop initiative cross-browser UIs.
  • dotNET Developer: Develop web applications with VS.NET 2012 environment. Always looking for ways to streamline processes using programming. 
  • Database Programmer: A cruial part of web applications developement; this is much better than storing data in a text file. 
  • Web Server Admin: You cannot have a website running if you do not have a web server!

Cruial Member of the Web Team:
With David (web master), Jason (web designer), and me (web applications programmer), we are the dream team of all that is QCC web!
Other team members: Phil (media manager) and Denis (blackboard admin)

Faculty Member of ET: To spread my experience, knowledge, and love of programming and technology, I have joined the Engineering dept. to teach ET714, a database-driven web website course. The course is designed to give our students a taste of developing a real-world web application. The course focuses on Client-Side, Database, and Server-Side technologies with some debugging techniques. 

Hobbies & Interests: iOS development (iPhone Apps and Games), blogging, and community building.

Here is a small example of applications that I have developed for QCC

  • Job Board (Looking for a job?)
  • Events Calendar (You are able to navigate to it from the home page)
  • Commencement DVD (Retired)
  • Workshops Project - currently being used by ACC, ASAP, Registrar
  • ASAP Student Registration (Retired) 

Other Projects that are in the works!

  • Art Gallery
  • Pathways
  • Share A Ride - {sorry, only for faculty and staff}

General Inquiries For Pilot Programs -  Click Here To Apply! 

Current Goal and Personal Objective: Develop a Content Mgmt System (CMS) from Scratch.

  • Actively Developing and Improving: System Extendibility via external modules