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The Newman Center (located at 50-47 Cloverdale Blvd.) is open to Queensborough Community College students who are looking for an opportunity to meet and interact with each other. Students of any race, color, national origin, veteran status or sexual orientation are welcome to enjoy the facilities of the Center and are welcome to participate in the many programs presents by the Newman Catholic Center.

The Newman Center has been a well-respected part of the QCC community since 1971 and is the site for the Newman Club, the student group dedicated to Catholic campus ministry. During the semester, we offer Mass every Tuesday at 12 noon and on holy days in our chapel, and we make our Blessed Sacrament chapel available for personal prayer. Confessions are available by appointment, and we offer faith formation for those who would like to receive baptism, confirmation, and communion.

What is the Newman Club?
The Newman Club is a group for spirituality, open to people of all faiths. We do a variety of activities - spiritual, social, and service - to develop the entire person and to foster appreciation for Catholic faith and values. Meetings and activities are typically during university club time on Wednesdays at 12 noon. Our activities have included sandwich drives for the homeless, service at soup kitchens and nursing homes, holy hours and Masses, and various parties and socials.

Why a Catholic Center at a college?
In college, young men and women encounter so much stuff that seems to conflict with a life of faith, but that's not true. As Catholics, our faith can relate with everyone's life, no matter in what field they study or work. We want you to have someone who can help you find and maintain your faith during these years when your classes, your jobs, or just your life can make it difficult to practice or even believe at all.

Newman Catholic Center
Father Edward Doran, Director

Upcoming Events

Queensborough Students, Faculty and Staff

Celebration of the Eucharist. The holy grail with bible

Please join us in the Celebration of Mass

Every Tuesday at 12:15 p.m. for staff, faculty and students who might want to attend

Celebrated by Rev. Msgr. Edward Doran

Location: Newman Catholic Center

Queensborough Staff and Students

Learn more about the Newman Center

We are open Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. Students are welcome to come to the Center, as it provides a comfortable place to study or use quiet time to review notes for classes. There are computers available to do class work.

exterior view of the Newman Center

A place to take a break, you can bring your lunch sit and eat. A meditation room is located in the Center for students seeking quite and prayer.

Social distancing is to be practiced in addition to wearing a face mask.

A supply of sanitizer and wipes are available for student use. Every effort to protect the health of students has been and will continue to be taken.

Rev. Msgr. Edward Doran is the Director, of the Newman Center, is available for students who would like to speak to him.