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Welcome to the ONLINE course Introduction to Philosophy, a course offered by Queensborough Community College with QCC Online!

Let me start by introducing myself. I am Professor Philip Pecorino and I will be teaching this course. Before I explain how the course will run, let me clear up a few common misconceptions. This course is identical in content to the classroom course. It is not a watered down version, nor significantly more difficult in content than the classroom experience. The difference is the method of delivery. In a traditional classroom setting you would spend about three hours a week in class and another nine hours doing homework, studying, working on assignments and so on. Here, you will spend about the same amount of time every week, just in a different setting. Asynchronous is not self-paced. You will have a schedule with deadlines to meet. Whether you work early in the morning, during the day while the children are at school, or late at night you will be doing the same assignment as everyone else in the class. You must budget time for this just as you plan time for your traditional classes and other activities.

So, how exactly will this course run?  What will you need?  Your questions will be answered at an orientation and training session set up for you. Unfortunately we do not have the staff or facility to offer you a face-to-face orientation and training session this semester but we have set up an orientation and training procedure that is online and contained in the steps listed below.  For entry into the online course and then orientation and training you should complete the steps below.

It is important to remember that the QCC Online Help Desk staff (see below)is the place to go when you have technical problems. They are very helpful. They will get you through the computer problems. My job is to get you through the course.

Please feel free to e-mail me at any time if you have any questions or concerns. My e-mail address is:

One of the features of distance education is that you are never required to meet face to face with the professor. However, if you want to stop by for a visit my office is in the Medical Arts Building, Room 403 and my hours will be available through the course materials (see Course Information Documents)

Again, welcome to the on-line experience. I am looking forward to working with you soon.

Whatever else you may do email me to acknowledge you have received this and understand the instructions and to confirm your email address. 

Thank you, 

Philip A.  Pecorino, Ph.D.


Social Sciences Department

Queensborough Community College

The City University of New York

Bayside, New York  11364-1497

Phone: 718 281 5038   Fax:   718 281 5038


ONLINE Orientation and Training Session –1 week -ONLY 2days in Summer session

PLEASE perform all of the following steps: 

1.       Email me that you received this email and are entering the course one week before the official start of the semester. 

2.       Click on this site to find out more about the course, if you have not done so already.

Current Calendar for this semester

3.       Read the student reviews from the previous semester, if you have not done so already.

4.       Take some of the qualifiers to see if you are suited for an online course, if you have not done so already.   or



Enter the course DISCUSSION BOARD –use DISCUSSION Button on the left side of the CLASS WEBSITE with your user name and password     or 

This should work for all courses and all browsers and all security settings.  If it works be sure to Bookmark or Favorite Place the address that works for you on your computer.   Or once you are into the course program area and see the opening page then you should BOOKMARK or FAVORITE PLACE the url that is appearing in your browser. 

AOL users should read the special instructions for them under COURSE OUTLINE 

If you have trouble entering the class it might be because you have failed to send me an email with your email address and so you are not entered into the course.  In that case be sure to do step one above. 

5. In the BLACKBOARD WEBSITE  Create and fill in your HOMEPAGE so that I know you are in the course.  TO do this Click on: TOOLS on the left side of the screen

Click on: Edit Homepages and create your page. You can add a jpg now or later. 

6. On the CLASS WEBSITE  Click on COURSE OUTLINE and READ ALL the documents there.  

7. In the BLACKBOARD WEBSITE  Click on TOOLS and read the MANUAL whenever you need assistance about the BB area. 

8. If you have QUESTIONS?????????


b.) Click on  DISCUSSION BOARD and then

c.) Ask any questions you want by clicking on ASK THE PROFESSOR and then click on  “Add New Thread” keyboard in your subject and message (question) and click on submit

d.) personal questions you send to me by private email 


BLACKBOARD STUDENT TUTORIALS can be found both in the course under TOOLS at: 


And for STUDENT ORIENTATION go to site and click on “Students”

Take the “Crash Course in Using Course Info”  Blackboard site: 


Before contacting the Help Desk, please be sure your browser is Netscape or Internet Explorer 4.0 or better. This will clear up many problems, including JScript errors.   If you have any Blackboard questions please contact :   at the ACC in Library floor 1. If you have QCC EMAIL questions or problems call 718 631 6273 in the IT department in Administration Bldg. 3rd floor.



Composing your assignment

Normally, you should compose your response using your word processor or on paper. This will give you the opportunity to revise, proofread, and spell check. When you have completed your assignment document be sure to spell check it .

Make sure to read the directions for each assignment carefully for details, due dates, and any thing else that may be specific to the assignment.

Format For Submitting Written Assignments    Whether you are in an ONLINE CLASS or a traditional class or a hybrid class

·        By EMAIL   Do not send attachments!!!   Copy and paste your text from the word processor directly into the message window of the email.  In the subject line put:   first name , last name, class ## , section, assignment#


The evaluation for your assignment will appear directly in your document or with your document when returned to you by email or returned directly to you by the instructor.  Evaluations are private and can only be read by the student and professor.

OBSERVE THE DUE DATES!!   Check on due dates on the CLASS CALENDAR:

All written assignments may be revised and resubmitted.  At least one assignment must be submitted in draft form and then after receiving the instructor’s comments and suggestions, it is to be revised and resubmitted for formal assessment.  Students may resubmit their revised assignments no more than three times before the final day of class.

Criteria for evaluation of the written assignments is given under Course Information document titled ” How you will be evaluated.”  Other students will not view student written assignments anywhere within the course.  Students may send drafts of their work to their classmates and discuss them through the use of email.   They may discuss the assignment itself within the course in the Student Café.

Academic Integrity

In all cases the written work must show evidence of the author’s awareness of the materials made available in the online textbook and through the related Internet links found in the Online Textbook that is part of the course.   Proper citations and accreditation are to be made evident in the body of the work. The learners are required to provide evidence of research and scholarship and to AVOID Plagiarism!  You may use the text of others but you MUST provide the source of any materials and words that are not your own.  see  Academic Integrity

Accessing Blackboard and ePermit through the CUNY Portal  

INSTRUCTIONS to enter the BLACKBOARD  Discussion Board Website

The CUNY Blackboard server can be accessed by clicking HERE:

Log In Instructions

If you have trouble entering the BlackBoard class site  it might be because you have failed to send me an email with your email address and so you are not entered into the course.  In that case be sure to notify me by email

If you have trouble entering the class it might be because you have a last name that is more than 12 characters long.  The email and Blackboard system are set for a maximum of 13 characters. If this is the case please go to the ACC (QCC Library Building first floor) or contact them at 718-631-6624


If you have difficulty logging on call 718-631-6348 Monday thru Friday between 9am and 5pm.   For questions regarding your Tiger Mail account send an email to:

What if I don't have an Email account?
You must have an Email account to take an online course. QCC provides you with an Email account. You can access your student email account at

 Log In and Passwords

Having trouble accessing your student email? View the Student Email Login Procedures.  

Q. Can I access my e-mail from off Campus?  A. Yes

Q. Can I use my e-mail account over the summer?   A. Yes

Q. How long will my e-mail account be active?      A. Your account will be active as long as you are an active student.  Your account will be disabled three weeks after the start of 
     a spring or fall semester if you are not registered for a class.

Q. Are there limitations on the size of an email?    A. All messages you send or receive cannot exceed 2.5 Megabytes

Q. What is the mailbox storage limit?  A. Each student is allocated 12 Megabytes.

Q. What happens if I exceed 12 Megabytes?   A. You will not be able to send an email.  You will continue to receive email  until your mailbox exceeds 15Megabytes.  Once 15Megabytes is exceeded you will not be able to send and receive email. To free up space delete email from your INBOX then   empty your Deleted Items folder.

Q. How will I know I am close to my storage limit? A. When you exceed 8 Megabytes an email will be sent to you each  day you are over that  limit.  The e-mail will indicate how much    storage you have used and what the limits are.

For assistance or general E-mail questions send an E-mail to: