INSTRUCTIONS to enter the BLACKBOARD  Discussion Board Website

The QCC Blackboard server can be accessed at: https://portal.cuny.edu/portal/site/cuny/index.jsp?epi-content=LOGIN

Log In Instructions


Log In and Passwords

If you have trouble entering the BlackBoard class site  it might be because you have failed to send me an email with your email address and so you are not entered into the course.  In that case be sure to notify me by email  ppecorino@qcc.cuny.edu

If you have trouble entering the class it might be because you have a last name that is more than 12 characters long.  The email and Blackboard system are set for a maximum of 13 characters. If this is the case please go to the ACC (QCC Library Building first floor) or contact them at 718-631-6624


Questions and comments you want students to keep in mind while doing their reading and assignment.