Philosophy of Religion

Chapter  4. Arguments for the Existence of God: Reason

Section  9.    Final Questions

On the question of the existence of God, there are many interesting and basic questions. this chapter began with this listing:

Is there a God?

Is there a supreme being, creator of the universe?

What is the explanation for the existence of the universe?

If there is no God where did the universes come from?

Why is the universe so orderly?

What proof is there that God exists?

What do the proofs tell us about God?

Do the proofs work?  Are they convincing to the non -believer?

Why doesn't everyone believe in God, if there are proofs?

If the proofs are not convincing then why do people go on believing in God?

After having surveyed the arguments available to us based upon reasoning to prove that there is a Supreme Being, a God, some of the questions have been answered and others remain.  If the arguments are not convincing to the non-believer what other arguments are there that could be offered and upon which many believers rest their faith?

The answer to that last question involves arguments based on experiences of the supernatural that are both direct and indirect.  This is the subject of the next chapter.

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