Philosophy of Religion

Chapter  4. Arguments for the Existence of God: Reason

Section 3. Arguments

Through the use of Reason 

There are three variations on arguments for god's existence based upon reason. 

A.    a posteriori argument: after a consideration of the existence of the universe.  This form of argument deliberately considers the existence of the universe and aspects of it.  From such a consideration the argument attempts to prove that god must exist as the creator of the universe or as the source of the order in the universe

B.    a priori  argument : prior to considering the existence of the physical universe. This is reasoning without bringing in any consideration of the existence of the universe or any part of it.  This is an argument considering the idea of god alone.

C. Pragmatic argument: This argument is based upon a consideration of the possible consequences of believing versus non belief.  It does NOT so much aim to prove that there is a God but it is intended to produce reasons why a human should BELIEVE that there is a God.

Each type will be examined in what follows.

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