Philosophy of Religion

Chapter  9: Religion, Morality and Ethics

Section 5 Morality as Secular and Utilitarian

Here are resources related to organizations that are categorized as being secular or humanist or involved with ethical culture.  The references to those that are religious are found in chapter two on the various living religions of the world earlier in this text.

American Humanist Association          

Humanist Definitions and Basic Outlook 

Ethical Culture Society 


What is it?: 

Council for Secular Humanism 

What is Secular Humanism? 

Activities and organizations 

Publications /Council for Secular Humanism

  • Free Inquiry - This 72-page quarterly magazine is the world's leading humanist and freethought journal.  In its pages, leading thinkers examine social, ethical, and intellectual issues from a secular viewpoint. 
  • Secular Humanist Bulletin - The quarterly newsletter for Associate Members reports on the Council's activities and plans, and gives updates on church-state issues.  The Bulletin provides a lively forum for humanists to explore the joys and challenges of living without religion.  The Secular Humanist Bulletin is sent free to Associate Members.
  • Family Matters - The quarterly newsletter of the Secular Family Network provides news, views, and a shared forum for parents, partners, and children.  Free to all Associate Members.
  • AAH Examiner - The quarterly journal of African-Americans for Humanism contains articles, guest columnists, and news of interest to humanists in the black community.
  • SOS International Newsletter - The quarterly newsletter from Secular Organizations for Sobriety serves as a clearinghouse and source of information for recovering alcoholics and substance abusers.
  • Philo - The biannual journal of the Society of Humanist Philosophers gathers some of the best minds in the world to critique religious ideas and doctrines and to examine issues in naturalism and humanistic ethics.  Each issue of Philo contains 100 pages.
  • Secular Humanist Viewpoints - a series of informative and thought-provoking pamphlets on topics of public interest. Secular Humanist Viewpoints are not authoritative secular humanist doctrines or policy statements; instead they exemplify how the rational and compassionate philosophy of humanism can be applied to moral, social and philosophical issues.
  • Centers for Inquiry - The Centers provide offices and meeting facilities for the secular humanist movement. 

    • Center for Inquiry Libraries
    • The Center For Inquiry - International is the international headquarters of the Council for Secular Humanism.  Opened in 1995, the 20,000-square-foot Center is located in Amherst, New York.  It includes administrative offices, libraries, meeting rooms, and multi-media production facilities.   Since 1996, U.S. regional Centers for Inquiry have been established at Los Angeles, California (Center for Inquiry-West), and Kansas City, Missouri (Center for Inquiry-Midwest).   The Council for Secular Humanism has also opened two Centers for Inquiry outside the U.S., in Oxford, England, and in Moscow, Russia.
    • The Center For Inquiry - West - Los Angeles, California.
    • The Center For Inquiry-Metro NY - New York City
  • Alliances of Regional Groups

    • CSH Affilliates is a network of local humanist groups across the U.S.  The Council helps in the formation of new local groups and gives practical support for existing groups.
    • Campus Freethought Alliance (CFA)  is an umbrella organization uniting freethought groups on campuses across the nation. CFA is dedicated to the promotion and enhancement of freethought, skepticism, secularism, non-theism and humanism, and to the national consolidation of campus resources for that end.
    • International Secretariat For Growth And Development assists in the formation and development of humanist groups and projects around the world.
  • Education & Scholarship

    • Center For Inquiry Institute - The Institute runs adult education courses around the country.   The Institute provides a three-year certificate program in humanist studies.
    • Committee For The Scientific Examination Of Religion (CSER) examines the claims of Eastern and Western religions and of well-established and newer sects and denominations in the light of scientific inquiry. The committee is interdisciplinary, including specialists in biblical scholarship, archaeology, linguistics, anthropology, the social sciences, and philosophy who represent differing secular and religious traditions.
    • Inquiry Media Productions produces radio and television programs including "The Humanist Perspective," presenting skeptical and secular humanist viewpoints on a variety of topics.
    • International Academy Of Humanism - The Academy recognizes distinguished humanists and advances humanistic ideals and beliefs.   Limited to 70 members, past and present Academy members include five Nobel Laureates plus such distinguished champions of reason and humanity as Carl Sagan, Andrei Sakharov, Isaac Asimov, Betty Friedan, Karl Popper, Steve Allen, and Stephen Jay Gould.
    • Society Of Humanist Philosophers gathers some of the best minds in the world to critique religious ideas and doctrines and to examine issues in naturalism and humanistic ethics.  The Society publishes a biannual journal.
  • Special Interest Organizations

    • African Americans For Humanism (AAH) spreads the secular humanist message in the black community, and promotes reason and understanding as paths to betterment for African Americans.  As well as publishing its own newsletter, AAH presents the humanist viewpoint to African American media.
    • Robert G. Ingersoll Memorial Committee dedicated to preserving the memory of Robert Green Ingersoll and to educating the public concerning the works of this 19th Century orator.
    • James Madison Memorial Committee keeps alive James Madison's commitment to the First Amendment and to liberty of thought and conscience.
    • Secular Family Network - The Network gives advice and practical resources for non-religious parents and families.  It sponsors educational courses, summer camps, and conferences, and publishes a quarterly newsletter.
    • Secular Organizations For Sobriety (SOS) provides a secular alternative to Alcoholics Anonymous and other "Twelve Step" Groups for substance abusers.  It has supported over 1,000 local support groups throughout the world.  SOS also publishes a newsletter and organizes conferences.


Secular Humanists of New York              

Long Island Secular Humanists
Celebrating Reason, Compassion and Humanity
P.O. Box 119, Greenlawn, NY 11740
516 742 1662  Fax 516 742 4618  Email: 

The Center for Inquiry-Metro NY 

Center for Inquiry-International 




Free Inquiry magazine 

Skeptical Inquirer magazine 

Friends of the Center E-Bulletin is published by the Center for

Inquiry-Metro NY. Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. Become a

Friend of the Center.

World Transhumanist Association

The WTA is an international nonprofit membership organization working to promote discussion of the possibilities for overcoming limitations of the human body and for radical improvement of human capacities using genetic, cybernetic and nano technologies. For more information see:

 or contact: Dr. James Hughes, c/o World Transhumanist Association, PO Box 128, Willington CT 06279,

Equal Time for Freethought (ETFF) is a forum to explore and represent the secular, non-religious life-stance, based on reason, science, and secular ethics--bringing you news, views, issues and culture from the freethinking perspective. It airs on Sunday evenings at 6:30pm on WBAI-NY - 99.5FM, and features Sara Kaye with Patrick Colucci, Josh Karpf, and Barry Seidman.  Visit ETFF's website and listen to past programs!


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