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A Dictionary of Philosophical Terms and Names

Vaughn Dictionary of Philosophical Terms

Dictionary of Philosophy of Mind

Glossary of Terms in Ethics

Merriam Webster Dictionary

Encarta Dictionary











A Timeline of Philosophers

History of Western Philosophy



Library Spot





The Philosophy Site
One philosopher takes the initiative to sift through the many "resources" on the Web, and compile quick access to some of the best Journals, texts, articles, Universities, and more. The site's author also offers his own philosophical work, and a lively discussion area that intends to be truly interactive.

Philosophy Resources on the Internet

Assembled Philosophers

Dictionary of Philosophical Terms and Names

Dictionary of Philosophy of Mind (Washington Univ.)

Episteme Links: Philosophy Resources on the Internet

Great Thinkers and Visionaries

Guide to Philosophy on the Internet (Earlham College)

History of Western Philosophy Summary Outline

Individual Philosophers

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

The Ism Book: A Field Guide to the Nomenclature of Philosophy

Pathways to Philosophy (Univ. of Sheffield)

Philosophy and Theory Index (Middle Tennessee State Univ.)

Philosophy Around the Web

Philosophy at Large (Univ. of Liverpool)

Philosophy Departments

Philosophy in Cyberspace

Philosophy Links (Univ. of Bristol; WWWVL)

Philosophy News Service

Philosophy Research Base (annotated links)

Religion and Philosophy Resources on the Internet (Boston Univ. School of Theology Library)

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Stanford Univ.)

University of Chicago Philosophy Project (Univ. of Chicago)




Hippias: Limited Area Search of Philosophy on the Internet (Univ. of Evansville)

Noesis: Philosophical Research Online (Univ. of Evansville)




Aesthetics Online (American Society for Aesthetics)

African Indigenous Science and Knowledge Systems

African Philosophy Resources (Augustana Univ.)

Chinese Philosophy Page

Computer and Information Ethics Resources on WWW (Centre for Applied Ethics, Univ. of British Columbia)

Concepts of Person and Self (Canisius College)

Contemporary Philosophy, Critical Theory, and Postmodern Thought (Univ. of Colorado at Denver)

Contemporary Philosophy of Mind: An Annotated Bibliography (Univ. of California, Santa Cruz)

Critical Thinking on the Web (Univ. of Melbourne)

Dictionary of Philosophy of Mind (Washington Univ. of St. Louis)

Early Modern Philosophy (Johns Hopkins Univ.)

Eighteenth-Century Resources: Philosophy (Rutgers Univ.)

Ethics Updates (Univ. of San Diego)

Everything Postmodern

Existentialism: An Introduction

Exploring Plato's Dialogues (Univ. of Evansville)

Filosofia in Italia (Universita de Venezia)

Historiography Links (Voice of the Shuttle; Univ. of California, Santa Barbara)

History of Western Philosophy 1492-1776 (Oregon State Univ.)

Hong Kierkegaard Library

Identifying the Argument of an Essay: A Tutorial in Critical Reasoning (Metropolitan Community College)

Intellectual History: Outside the Western Canon (Univ. of California, Riverside)

Mediaeval Logic and Philosophy


Non-Cartesian Cognitive Science (Univ. of Sussex)

Notebook for Contemporary Continental Philosophy (Baylor Univ.)

Paideia Project Online (proceedings of the 20th World Congress of Philosophy)

Philosophical Humor (Brandeis Univ.)

Philosophy Since the Enlightenment


PreSocratic Philosophy

Realm of Existentialism

Resources for the Study of East Asian Language and Thought (Toyo Gakuen Univ.)


Stoicism on the Web

Su Tzu's Chinese Philosophy Page

Taoism Information Page (Univ. of Florida)

University of Chicago Philosophy Project (mediated forum)

Utopia: The Search for the Ideal Society in the Western World (requires QuickTime plug-in; New York Public Library)

What is Logic?

Women in Philosophy Bibliography (Indiana Univ. Southeast)




Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts (sources in literature and philosophy)

Ancient Philosophy Text Links (Univ. of Washington)

Brown Electronic Article Review Service in Moral and Political Philosophy (Brown Univ.)

Chinese Philosophy E-Text Archive (Wesleyan Univ.)

Christian Classics Ethereal Library (philosophical, literary, and reference works related to religion)

Cognitive Sciences Eprint Archive

Confucianism and Taoism Digital Text Resources (Toyo Gakuen Univ.)

Contretemps: An Online Journal of Philosophy (Univ. of Sydney)

Descartes' Meditations (full text in French, English, and Latin; Wright State Univ.)

E-Journals in Philosophy and Related Subjects (Indiana Univ.)

Electronic Journals in Philosophy (Univ. of Pennsylvania Libraries)

Erasmus Text Project (Univ. of the South)

Esoterica: The Journal of Esoteric Studies (electronic journal; Michigan State Univ.)

Film-Philosophy (electronic journal and forum "promoting a philosophical view of cinema")

Full Text Journals and Resources in Philosophy (International Consortium for Alternative Academic Publication)

Guidebook for Publishing Philosophy: Journals (Smith College)

International Directory of Online Philosophy Papers (Univ. of Hong Kong)

Internet Sacred Text Archive (ancient, Eastern, and Western religious texts)

Journal of Consciousness Studies (some full text)

Journal of Early Christian Studies (GC users only)

Journal of the History of Ideas (GC users only)

Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal (GC users only)

Lexicon of Confucianism (Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong)

Modernism/Modernity (GC users only)

The New Criterion (selected articles from 1988 to present)

Noam Chomsky Archive

Online Information about Journals in Philosophy and Related Subjects (Univ. of Edinburgh)

Philosophical Quarterly (full text available through EBSCO Online ; GC users only)

The Philosopher

The Philosophers' Magazine

Philosophy (full text available through EBSCO Online ; GC users only)

Philosophy and Literature (GC users only)

Philosophy Documentation Center (Bowling Green State Univ.)

Philosophy Etexts (Earlham College)

Philosophy in Cyberspace

Philosophy Journals (Philosophy and the Web)

Philosophy Journals and Newsletters (Earlham College)

Philosophy, Psychiatry, and Psychology (GC users only)

POIESIS: Philosophy Online Serials (InteLex Corp)

Postmodern Culture (GC users only)

Resources for the Study of East Asian Language and Thought (Toyo Gakuen Univ.)

Theory and Event (GC users only)

Yale Journal of Criticism (GC users only)


Australasian Philsophy Home Page

American Philosophical Association (with links to sites)

Forum for European Philosophy

Humanist Discussion Group ("international electronic seminar on the application of computers to the humanities")

Philosophical Associations and Societies (Earlham College)

Philosophy in Cyberspace

Society for Women in Philosophy


Conferences, Seminars, and Calls for Papers (American Philosophical Association)

Philosophical Calendar (Univ. of Memphis)


Chronicle of Higher Education Career Network

H-Net's Job Guide for the Humanities and Social Sciences (Michigan State Univ.)

Jobs for Philosophers (American Philosophical Association)

Jobs in Philosophy (PhilNet)

Philosophy Jobs (Earlham College)




Digital Library (over 180 offerings in Philosophy )

Writings by Modern & Classical Philosophers

The ONLINE Books Page


Philosopher's Library

Online Philosophy Papers:








Prof. Lawrence Hinman’s site at University of San Diego



Computer and Information Ethics Resources on WWW

 (Center for Applied Ethics, Univ. of British Columbia  



What is Logic?  











Utopia: The Search for the Ideal Society in the Western World (requires QuickTime plug-in; New York Public Library)


Indexes & Directories
Digital Library
Philosophy Reference Shelf
African Philosophy
Chinese Philosophy
Indian Philosophy
Ancient Philosophy
Medieval Philosophy
Modern Philosophy
Philosophy of Mind


Philosophy in Cyberspace
Visually a nice clean site, although can be slow to load at times. Sections include Philosophy Topics, Text-Related Resources, Organisations, Discussion Forums, and Miscellaneous, including Job Vacancies
Maintained by Dey Alexander, Monash University

Erratic Impact -- Philosophy Research Base
"...categorized by history, subject and author, is a meta-index featuring thousands of annotated links, text resources and community services for students and teachers conducting research in the field of philosophy...The PRB is divided into 15 different webs, including ancient, medieval, modern, 19th century, 20th century, ecology, feminism, ecofeminism, major philosophical topics, including postmodernism, existentialism, phenomenology, analytic philosophy, gender theory, etc. "
By Danne Polk

A brief but very selective listing of resources. They are responsible for the search engine above.

Meta-Encyclopedia of Philosophy
"Compare topics in the most important Encyclopedias and Dictionaries of Philosophy on the Internet."
Compares entries from the following sources:  Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Dictionary of the Philosophy of Mind, The Ism Book, The Catholic Encyclopedia (1913), A Dictionary of Philosophical Terms and Names, and the Encyclopedia of Philosophy of Education.
Maintained by Andrew Chrucky

Continue on with
A wonderful collection of online resources, including forums, online articles and subject directories.
By Austin Cline,

The American Philosophical Association
"The main professional organization for philosophers in the United States."
A lot of useful information for the professional philosopher

Annotated Webliography of Humanism
"This is a collection of websites related to humanism. It is an ANNOTATED and SELECTIVE list. The selection and annotation reflect my considered personal judgment."
By Dr. Peter Derkx, Prof. History of Humanism, Utrecht, Netherlands

Australasian Philosophy Network
"...a loose affiliation of web sites providing a range of information for the philosophical community in Australia and New Zealand."
A great source for Australia specific directories and lists.

Center for Automated Learning and Discovery
Carnegie Mellon University

Course Materials in Philosophy
"This page contains links to syllabi and course material published on the web by philosophy instructors...The site contains two sections: Philosophy Syllabi on the Web and Handouts, Assignments, and Other Course Material. It is edited by Andrew Carpenter, an assistant professor of Philosophy at Antioch College."

Descriptive and Formal Ontology
" This site is primarily devoted to ontology's contemporary developments, with a secondary focus on its historical development. Contemporary ontology is developed from both philosophers and scientists working in Artificial Intelligence, data-bases theory and natural language processing."

" is dedicated to bringing together some of the best resources for philosophy available on the web. We offer free resources for philosophers and students of philosophy, free e-mail accounts, and cutting-edge news and columns on philosophical topics."
By Paul Neufeld

essential teachings
A growing collection of video interviews with philosophers, scholars, and spiritual leaders regarding "key ideas about the meaning life."
By Michael McKnight

Episteme Links
Sections include Philosophers, Topics, E-Texts, Departments, Newsgroups, Images, Professors and Graduate Students, and Bookstore (sell those old college texts) and much more.
By Thomas Ryan Stone

Ethics Update
" designed primarily to be used by ethics instructors and their students. It is intended to provide updates on current literature, both popular and professional, that relates to ethics."
Edited by Lawrence M. Hinman, University of San Diego

Everything Postmodern
"...It has since grown to eight pages containing links to over 650 postmodern theory resources, sites, and journals..."
By Gregory Broquard

Internet Salon
"A journal and discussion forum promoting a philosophical review of cinema, the salon combines original review articles with email response and argument. Plus our regular selection of the best new writings and other links from around the web."

Filosofia in Italia
"Philosophy in Italy , metaindex on the Italian philosophical resources in the net."
By Davide Fasolo

German National Reference Centre for Ethics in the Life Sciences (German or English)
Sections include: Topics in Bioethics ; Ethics Literature Database ; Institutions & Projects ; Links ; Library.

A Guide to Africana Philosophy and Philosophers of African Descent
A collection of both print and electronic resources.
By Kim Gallon, University of Pennsylvania Library

Guide to Philosophy on the Internet
An exhaustive list. His listing individual philosophers is especially impressive. Other topics include Guides in 13 languages, Journals, Jobs, Etexts, Teaching, Associations, Newsgroups, Dictionaries, and much more.
Maintained by Peter Suber

Noesis: Philosophical Research Online
" indexing and accrediting effort dedicated to organizing the philosophical content of the Internet into an academically-viable network of resources for use by philosophy teachers, researchers and students. Noesis allows scholars to disseminate their research efficiently to the global community simply by putting it on-line at their host institutions and letting us know where it is. In addition to allowing meaningful self-publication, Noesis indexes several on-line journals in philosophy and two encyclopedias. It includes a topic index built by a team of qualified editors who hand-select resources from the larger dataset. Users can browse resources by author, collection or topic. They may also look for resources in our full-text search engine."
Sections include Authors ; Bibliographies ; Journals ; People ; Publishers ; Primary Texts ; Reference Works ; Topics ; Websites.

Pathways to Philosophy Distance Learning Project
An independent distance learning project based at the Department of Philosophy, University of Sheffield and run in association with the Philosophical Society of England

Philosophers Without Borders (English or Spanish)
Your Guide to Philosophers on the Internet
"Our aim is to provide you with all you may need in your philosophical investigations over the Internet. With that thought in mind, we will include new useful links weekly...We also want to run a real philosophical community, with email service, forums, chat rooms and in the near future the possibility of publishing your papers

Philosophical Services Philosophy Portal
"...over 100,000 philosophy links in over 40 searchable databases" from Academic Integrity to Political Philosophy.

A well organized and extensive collection of online resources.

Philosophy and Religion
This well organized site includes Papers, Syllabi and Handouts, Worship Notes, Online Texts, Philosophy Links, and Religion Links.
Edited by Richard T. Nolan, Ph.D.

Philosophy with The Philosophers' Web Magazine
Topics include General Websites and Philosophical Organisations, Ancient Philosophy, Single Philosophers, Pre-twentieth Century Philosophy, Modern Philosophy, and Contemporary Philosophy and Journals.
A very quick guide to a fair number of resources

Postmodern Philosophy
"On this page you will find modern, phenomenological, Marxist, hermeneutical, deconstructive, structuralist, etc., etc. philosophical resources."
By G.K. Parish-Philip

The Stoic Place
Contents include: Basic Ideas of the Stoics ;  Historical Materials ; 3. Contemporary Stoic Material ; Links to Other Stoic Sites ; Classical Stoic Works Available Online ; Links to Other Collections of Links ; The International Stoic Forum.
Maintained by Dr. Jan Garrett, Dept. of Philosophy & Religion, Western Kentucky University

University of Chicago Philosophy Project
"This project seeks to provide a forum for electronically mediated scholarly discussion of philosophical works."

What is Reality?
"An introduction to philosophy and logic with a view to educate in an informal and entertaining manner regarding issues of the scope, impact and relevance of one's personal worldview; Plus Features: The Hall of "-Isms": Essays on systems impacting contemporary culture, Quotations, Trivia, Philosophy Quiz, Book Reviews, Music Recommendations, Fallacy of the Day, Links and More!"
By Wayne June


Collaborative Bibliography of Women in Philosophy

The Continental Philosophy Gourmet Report, 1998-2000
A Ranking of U.S. Graduate Programs in Continental Philosophy, January 1999.
By Brian Leiter

Electronic and Print Journals
An annotated listing from Dey Alexander's wonderful site.

Graduate Programs in Asian Philosophy and Religion
By Charles Muller, Toyo Gakuen University

Guidebook for Publishing Philosophy: Journals

The International Directory of On-line Philosophy Papers

Jobs in Philosophy
An international listing

Organisations & Associations: Directories
From Dey Alexander's page

The Philosophical Gourmet Report, 1998-2000
A Ranking of U.S. Graduate Programs [does include  Top Foreign Programs] in Analytic Philosophy, September, 1998 with final revisions for October 1998.
See also the Fall 1999 Supplement.
By Brian Leiter

Philosophy Departments: Directories
Once again Dey Alexander has the best listing. This is a link to his listing of other directories but his own directory is probably the best.

Philosophy News Service
"The latest philosophy news and announcements from around the world, including searchable listing of jobs, calls for papers, and other resources and opportunities for philosophers and philosophy students."




Bjorn's Guide to Philosophers

Guide to Philosophy

Perseus Project

Scholars Net

Argus Clearinghouse: Philosophy



Pathways to Philosophy

The Glass House Philosopher

The Possible World Machine

Philosophy of A-Z  

Hippias Limited Search

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