Medical Ethics


I would like to thank Ronald Munson whose textbook Intervention and Reflection has provided the basic approach taken here in the arrangement of and basic sections for most of the chapters.  His text deserves all of the attention and praise and widespread use that it has received.

I need to thank all those who are engaged in thinking about the issues in this field and who have placed their materials on the internet.  I have provided many links to the works of philosophers, theologians, lawyers, medical researchers and health care providers.  This text exists as such because of those linked materials that are required reading in this work.  They shall be supplemented, exchanged and updated as time and circumstances warrant and make possible.

I must acknowledge Don Berkich of the University of Texas, Corpus Christi for granting permission to include his synopses and critical outlines for many readings.

I would like to thank my students who have assisted in the creation of this online textbook in a variety of ways.  They have assisted  in the gathering of materials for this textbook.  They have also made it known what they would want to see in such a textbook.  They will be involved in the revisions of this textbook as well as they will be informing me of what works and what does not work.  Hopefully I shall be able to correct what may be wrong.  If there is anything about this text that is valuable it is here because others have prompted me to place it here.  Whatever errors there may be are all my responsibility.

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