An Introduction to  Philosophy


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Dr. Philip A. Pecorino

Table of Contents
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Chapter 1   Introduction
Chapter 2   The Greeks: The Origins of Philosophy in the West
Chapter 3   Philosophy of Religion and the Problem of God
Chapter 4   Metaphysics
Chapter 5   Epistemology
Chapter 6   The Mind- Body Problem
Chapter 7   Freedom and Determinism
Chapter 8   Ethics
Chapter 9   Social Philosophy
Chapter 10 Political Philosophy
Chapter 11 Philosophy of Art and Aesthetics
Chapter 12 Conclusion
Written Assignments
Discussion Topics
Links to Philosophy Reference Works and Sites


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Professor Philip A. Pecorino provides a fantastic overview of philosophical thought in this online textbook that spans classic Greek thought to contemporary social, political and ethical philosophies. His "Links to Reference Works" gives the reader ample resources to continue their own study of the issues that interest them most. | Source: Dr. Philip A. Pecorino
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