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The Committee on eLearning's Bi-annual Newsletter.

Issue 5 | Dec 2019

Zeynep Akcay Ozkan, Chair | ZAkcayozkan@qcc.cuny.edu

Nov 27, 12pm L-313 - Professional Development Lunch Seminar

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News & Announcements

Technology Update:

Check out the QCC’s new eLearning web page. This page has resources on eLearning including College’s eLearning Guidelines and a Blackboard Sample Course that will help you learn about the functions available in the Blackboard Learn environment.

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Hear from eLearning Instructors!

Faculty Technology Workshops

Results of the e-Learning Survey

During the summer of 2019, faculty who have taught PNET and FNET courses (n=52) at QCC were asked to participate in a survey regarding their preparation and practices in the online courses. The majority of faculty teach PNET courses only (72%, n=34), but half are willing to attempt a conversion to an FNET (52%, n=22). Most of our e-learning faculty at QCC have been trained through our summer e-Learning institute (84%, n=38) and 60% (n=27) would appreciate additional training in online course development. The survey revealed that we could use some improvements in assessment and peer observation. 72% (n=31) of faculty have not had their online component of the course observed by faculty within their department and 65% (n=28) have not had their online components assessed.

News from the Office of Educational Technology (OET)

Blackboard upgrade is currently scheduled to begin on Thursday, December 28th at 12:30 am and to be completed by the close of business on Friday, December 29th. Blackboard will be taken offline and there will be no access to the environment during the upgrade. This upgrade will not introduce major new functionality into Blackboard, but there are some minor changes that will make Blackboard easier to use.

By default, all Blackboard Courses are unavailable to students when they are first created--as indicated by the text "(unavailable)" next to your course name. This allows you some time and privacy while building your course. Once you have finished building your course in Blackboard, you will need to MAKE YOUR COURSE AVAILABLE to students. Otherwise, please inform your students that you won’t make it available.

Resources for eLearning Development

The eLearning Institute

The Office of Academic Affairs invites all QCC faculty to apply for the eLearning Institute. This institute is a three-semester commitment during which faculty develop and teach a quality online course. The Institute provides intensive, hands-on workshops to explore best practices for promoting online learning by developing courses that are web-enhanced, hybrid or fully online courses. Prior experience with online teaching not necessary.