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From Land to Sea by Mara Sfara
From Land to Sea
Mara Sfara
October 15, 2016 through January 15, 2017
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Since art's beginnings, the perpetual question has been whether art should be representational or whether and how art should deviate from representation in order to express the individual story behind the work of art. For Sfara, art is a story and the story is the art.

In her mesmerizing landscapes and seascapes, Sfara presents an unfiltered vision. Her perspective engages the viewer in an ethereal fantasy world, where colors and humor dominate the art. Sfara's quixotic style permeates her work to the extent that even her portraits of fish have character. Her art raises the question: where would our experience take us if we are not restrained by our sensory filters?

In all of her work, Sfara humanizes the environment and its creatures, all existing in a dreamlike state.