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Small is Big by Rudy Ernst
Small is Big
Rudy Ernst
April 8th - May 9th, 2008
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SMALL is BIG – My Universe

About my Artwork: Philosophically, the visual paradox of "Small is BIG" refers to the limitless wonders of the universe above us and to nature’s infinite creativity in its magnified microcosm.

While my recent large paintings are partially an expression of what happens in those vast skies, my miniature drawings relate to the unbound originality of nature, and may well be a subconscious attempt to "reinvent nature", as Dennis Wepman called my artwork almost twenty-five years ago.

Also, while miniaturization in the fields of microscopy and nanotechnology has now reached sub-atomic levels, a trend of "ever-bigger" at the very opposite end has become a familiar theme of our daily lives.

I have explored another dimension to complement my conventional work as a painter. During my lifetime, I have witnessed the exciting and profound revolution from an analog to a digital world, which I have now integrated into my paintings. 

Background Sounds: To create a deeper, even more complete experience of my artwork, I have used sound to allow the spectator to be more fully immersed into this environment, as our hearing touches us at a deeper emotional level.

A philosophical aspect of human life has fascinated me since my early adolescence. We all share a common mother that lived approximately 80,000 years ago in southeast Africa, which accounts for all human DNA being 99.8% identical. In other words, when we meet a single human being, we have just met all of humanity.

This bond becomes particularly noticeable in the folk music of the many nations and tribes on earth. In an attempt to convey this commonality within all human beings, I have interwoven a number of well-known melodies into my "Symphony of Sounds".

Our history of evolution has created many languages, customs and music that reflect (or imitate) countless aspects of nature’s original sounds, such as animals, ocean and weather. I have integrated these into my acoustic canvas.