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Art As Witness by Rosemarie Koczy
Art As Witness
Rosemarie Koczy
September 26 - January 5, 2014
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Marion Callis

Educated in the United States, Italy, and the UK, Marion Callis is an independent curator based in Westchester County, NY. Her 26-year museum career began at the National Gallery of Art as a research assistant for curators of 15th and 19th century Italian, Netherlandish and French art, and continued with service as an art museum registrar, curator, and director in Florida, Louisiana and Connecticut. She taught studio art and art history at colleges and universities in the same states, and founded a children’s art school. As an independent curator, she has focused on exhibiting the work of under-recognized international artists at museums, art fairs, and galleries in Connecticut, New York City and Brooklyn, NY, and consults with museums, corporations, and individuals on collections management and care.

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