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A Perpetual Metamorphosis by Picasso
A Perpetual Metamorphosis
May 22nd - July 27th, 2008
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Exhibit Curator- Emmanuel Benadors

As a third generation art dealer, Benador has been acquainted with the art world since birth. He studied printmaking for several years with the master printers of St. Prex, one of Europe's foremost print shops, where he practiced in all printmaking techniques and worked with such artists as A. Flocon, the last surviving member of the Bauhaus school. At the same time, he learned about art history and literature as a freelance writer in Geneva and Paris. After studying conservation methods for works on paper and framing, he joined Galerie Kornfeld in Bern where he oversaw a collection that included works from Durer to Sam Francis, as well as many works on paper by Picasso. Benador went on to create the Works On Paper Department at Galerie Jacques Benador in Geneva. In 1989, Benador opened his own gallery, Emmanuel Benador Fine Arts, New York, specializing in 19th and 20th century art in all mediums. He joined Jan Krugier Gallery as Director of Graphics in 1992. As an active curator around the world, Benador has written many introductions for exhibitions and books on Picasso. In addition he has authored two books: Picasso: Master Printmaker, a comprehensive survey of Picasso's prints, and a fictional book that involves a philosophical dialogue between Rembrandt and Picasso. Benador's abiding interest in African divinity sculptures have resulted in exhibitions between modern masters and primitive art. As a responsible dealer, Benador has also formed a committee to address the problem of fraud and forgery in the art world. This committee includes international experts and works with authorities to protect the art market from deception.

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