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Reclaiming the Vision by Chin Chih Yang (CC Yang)
Reclaiming the Vision
Chin Chih Yang (CC Yang)
September 5, 2019 through October 11, 2019
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Luchia Meihua Lee

Luchia Meihua Lee is a New York-based curator interested in global contemporary art in all media, and has curated numerous exhibitions with indigenous contemporary artists and environmental art. Luchia is Executive Director of the Taiwanese American Arts Council, whose mission is forging links between Taiwanese American art communities and other parts of the American art scene. She co-edited Zhang Hongtu: Expanding Visions of a Shrinking World co-published by Duke University Press and Queens Museum. She was chief curator of the National Taiwanese Museum of Fine Arts, and deputy curator at Taipei Gallery TECO in New York City. Earlier, served as cultural specialist at the Council for Cultural Affairs (now Cultural Ministry) in Taiwan. Luchia has doctorial studied in art History and critical studies in CUNY and New York University and she earned an M. Phil in History of Art and Architecture from Trinity College, Dublin, studying medieval manuscripts.

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