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Naturaleza Muerta by Jeronimo Lopez
Naturaleza Muerta
Jeronimo Lopez
September 29, 2014 through February 5, 2015
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Jerónimo López

Born on 8 June 1973, Jeronimo Lopez received his elementary (1981-1987) and secondary education (1988-1991) in the province of Michoacán (Mexico). Here, he also received his formal training in painting, first at the Escuela Popular de Bellas Artes in the city of Morelia (1991-1995) and subsequently in the studio of Alfredo Zalce (1995). In 1998, he traveled to Guadalajara, where he had the privilege of becoming one of the students of the distinguished artist and professor José Luis García Miramontes.

From the very beginning of his training period, his instructors noticed the talent of this upcoming artist and encouraged him to leave his natural shyness aside and prepare himself to participate in exhibits, first collective and then individual. Which he did, with much success.

His work, whether describing landscapes and still life realistically, or portraits of uninhibited “Bodegones” idealistically, is strongly influenced by the spirit of his picturesque native region, which he obviously loves and wants to communicate to the public through a very identifiably personal style. His relentless activity, his optimistic perseverance, his constant efforts to improve as well as his exquisite sensitivity and acute sense of observation of physical and human nature are a sure sign of future recognition.

After Mr. Jeronimo’s recent gratifying exhibits in southern Spain, the noted Spanish poet/art critic Alvaro Morales praised Mr. Jeronimo’s and his works highly, referring in particular to his natural ability to draw faultlessly, a condition sine qua non for a young painter to succeed. He also noticed the fact that the importance that this painter gives to color manifests itself with utmost clarity and purity in each and every one of his works. Says Mr. Morales: “This Mexican painter lives his paintings intensely and passionately; his full commitment and concentration makes him an omniscient creator whose descriptions come alive and impress through the intelligent and strongly individualistic use color”.

Curriculum Vitae

Exhibits in Mexico (Collective)

  • Exposición colectiva de dibujo y grabado, Escuela Popular de Bellas Artes (Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo), 1993.
  • Exposición colectiva de grabado, Casa       del Estudiante J. Isaac Arriaga, 1994.
  • Exposición colectiva Expo cuerpo. Galería de La Librería, 1995.
  • Exposición colectiva Re-encuentro, Casa de la Cultura de Morelia, 1996.
  • Exposición colectiva Por-No-Dejar, León de Mecenas, 1997.

Exhibits in Mexico (Individual)

  • “Realidades” Escuela Popular de Bellas Artes, de la Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo. 1999. México
  • “Entre Santos Angeles y Demonios”, Galería de  La Librería. Junio del 2000. Mexico
  • MI tierra en“La librería” Junio del 2001.Morelia Michoacán México.2001
  • “Mi Tierra 2” Casa de la cultura de Tepatitlan Jalisco México.2002
  • “ Besaleel al desnudo” Balcones del Angel, Restaurante, Bar  y Galeria 20002
  • Retrospectiva, Centro Cultural universitario Morelia Mich. México 2003
  • RETROSPECTIVA. Camara de Diputados Ciudad de Mexico, 2005
  • BESALEEL. Cemtro cultural universitario, Morelia Mich, Mexico 2006
  • BESALEEL RETRO, Tenamastlan Jalisco Mexico 2007
  • BESALEEL LOCAL. Nuevo Urecho Mich, Mexico 2009

Individual Permanent Work

  • 12 Acrylic paintings decorating the walls  of the ex-convent of Saint Augustine. Themes: Architecture, Landscape, and Ceramics of Michoacán.

Exhibits in other country (Individual)

  • Palacio de la Diputacion, Cordoba Spain 2001
  • Gallery Jaditte, New York USA 2004

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