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Unnoticed Silence by Wei Xin
Unnoticed Silence
Wei Xin
September 16, 2014 through October 10, 2014
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Wei Xin (1965- ) was born in Jingzhou, Hubei Province, China. Mr. Wei, following his father's artistic footsteps, graduated from Hubei Academy of Art and completed a postgraduate program in oil painting at the South China Normal University. Presently, he is pursuing his doctorate at the Institute of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University.

Wei Xin

Wei Xin’s works are extensively exhibited, some worth to mentioning; the Zhuhai Guyuan Arts Museum, the Guanlan Arts Museum, the Shanghai Arts Museum, the Macao Arts Museum, the Zhejiang Arts Museum and the National Art Museum of China.

Internationally he has represented his country in Italy, Germany, Slovenia and other European countries. He is a member of the China Artists Association as well as the Chinese Folklore Photographers Association. In 2006, was chosen as one of ten Excellent Chinese Artists at the Fair on Chinese Collection Culture. In 2009, Wei was honored with a documentary film The Arts and Life of Wei Xin, produced by Guangdong Satellite Television, and recognized with the Excellency Award at the 2009 China International Documentaries Awards. The documentary was broadcasted in Australia and the USA.

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