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War Memory Reinvented by Patricia Dreyfus
War Memory Reinvented
Patricia Dreyfus
September 18th - November 6th, 2009
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For this exposition, red dominates. It’s a crimson vermilion red. A symbol of violence, of passion but also of love. Wanting to understand an incomprehensible history but also wanting to become a part of it with compassion and kinship.

I used the documents that I drew from the family attic. Then on each photo I placed my signature:

A small sculpted head. These heads are the metaphor (the symbol) of the soul, of my soul. Without a possible identification, they are a glance, a timeless meeting, a presence in past and future history. They link to the present instant, in which I enroll myself for who I am but also for each one of us through my own experience. It’s research into recognition. These heads intimately call out to us and question our collective history. 

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