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Voyages by Veronique Coutant-Godard
Veronique Coutant-Godard
April 24th - August 31st, 2009
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I am a printmaker based in Forest Hills, New York. I specialize in linoleum cut and monotypes. To create my monotypes, I use water based inks which are painted on a Plexiglas plate. The plates are sanded to prevent the inks from running. When the ink is dry, I place a wet paper on top of the plate and run it through a press. So the picture is transferred and allowed to dry.

My images are inspired by the two experiences I had as a French person traveling from Europe to Africa, then to North America.

As an artist, I am very sensitive and receptive to colors, lights and textures, so each time I discover a site, I visualize, collect and register all these details in my mind.
The new series I created this year was nourished by all my previous journeys in different continents.

Rather than sketches, these are visual record of my memories, like mental maps of the different sceneries I have seen. Of course it has been reiterpreted with my own vocabulary and symbolism.

Through my art work, I let people perceive my vision and my own reality of the enviroment. It is the personal rapport that I have with things around me that matter, not the tangible aspect of the sorroundings.

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