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The Mediterranean World by Arnold Asrelsky
The Mediterranean World
Arnold Asrelsky
April 24th - June 21st, 2009
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Biography  - Arnold Arelsky

Arnold Asrelsky’s formal education began at Stuyvesant High School and continued at Brooklyn College (B.A.) and NYU (M.A., Ph.D. English). At Stuyvesant he discovered New York City, and like Alfred Kazin, found that the 45 minute subway ride from Brooklyn led to a world light-years removed from the constricting shtetl life provided by parents and relatives who insisted that he be an American success (i.e., doctor, lawyer, engineer) but remain a good Jewish boy eager to provide observant grandchildren raised in a wall-to-wall carpeted domicile on Long Island.

After Brooklyn College he developed an interest in photography as an editor of a photographic trade magazine. This interest was furthered by a year in Korea as reporter/photographer on the U.S. Army’s newspaper, “Stars & Stripes.”

After a stint as editor and book-designer for a medical publisher, he began graduate school to relieve the boredom aft a nine-to-five existence. This led to his discovery of a home at Queensborough Community College where he delighted to pass on his love of writing and literature to the older evening students who had discovered a need for an examination of life not supplied by their work-a-day worlds but available in their history, philosophy and English classrooms.

Now in retirement after thirty years of a privileged existence at Queensborough, he devotes his time to photography and poetry. He has succeeded in publishing one of his poems and having his first photographic exhibit. He is hungry for more of both.

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