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WOW Taiwan by Various
WOW Taiwan
September 10 through October 13, 2018
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This exhibition is made possible with the support and collaboration of the following Taiwanese art organizations:

Hua Shan Station
Established in 2016, Hua Shan Station is a non-profit organization based in Taipei City. We are a new group aimed at discovering and presenting the finest contemporary artists in Taiwan and throughout Asia.

Playful Studio
We are a dynamic design team specializing in stage sets for concerts and theatrical performances. Creating vivid scenes on stage we invite the audience to an unforgettable experience of sound and sight.

Whyixd Interactive Design is an interdisciplinary organization dedicated to innovation by combining the skills and talents of artists, mechanical engineers and designers. We provide leading-edge style with high-performance for our clients.

Renato Lab
Renato lab was founded by a combination of experts from several fields including industrial design, environmental engineering, recycling, and material science. In “Relive Everything,” Renato lab provides approaches for economic sustainability in everyday life.

Natural Kind Inspiration Garden
Natural Kind Inspiration Garden was established in 2012. The company was founded by Billy Chang, who as the persona Yi-Chun was one of the primary characters in the Cirque du Soleil—Dralion world tour. Billy’s continual goal throughout his work is in finding the balance between Nature and humanity.

A special thank you to Mr. Afu Ho and Ms. Chanel Chuang.

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