Philosophy of Religion

Chapter  2.  Religions of the World

Section 13. Final Questions 

The survey of the world's religions reveals a great deal of similarity in the spiritual orientation toward life.  It also reveals many differences and yet the religions of the world are clearly sharing in those characteristics that make them religions.

Are the religions of the world evidence that humans need to have such belief systems in order to live?  Do individuals need to have such beliefs in order to have a richer life?  Does society need religion in order to have cohesion formed by a moral order?

Are these religious beliefs just superstitions that reasoning and scientific knowledge will disperse?  Will science answer the questions as religion once did and make religion obsolete?  Is there something in the very core of the human being that makes humans exhibit a religious orientation toward the world and a religious sense of the importance of physical and social arrangements?

This work will proceed to examine the manner in which science approaches religion. After that it will take up matters of proof for the existence of god, souls, and  immortality. 

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