Chapter 2 :The GREEKS


An Overview

In this chapter we shall cover a great deal of material.  The general overview is given below in an outline.  There are ten sections.  They will be broken up into a number of mini lectures.  There will be discussion questions based on the more important issues of philosophical interest.  There is a great deal of material available at your library and on the Internet.  References will be offered. There will be a large number of links to sites on the Internet.  You are invited to visit them.  Please keep in mind that the only materials that are on internet sites that you will need to read will be clearly marked with something like, READ or even "You must read.....  click here."   The more interested you are you may want to look into this period of time in the West much further than time permits us here in this course.  First you might consider the linked materials.   So look over the outline below and then move on to the next section.


Greek Thought

Classical Period


I. Culture and History

   Social State


II. Arts         


  • Thespis   560B

  • Aeschylus 525-456BC

  • Sophocles 496-405BC

  • Euripides 485-406B

  • Aristophanes 450-385BC

III. The Sophists  

IV. Technology  & Gadgets  

V. Paideia  (Culture)


          Poetry > Morality  > cynicism> Rationalism

                Mimesis    > Subjectivism > Dialectic Thought  

VI.  Speculative Thought

         From MYTH to PHILOSOPHY     

VII.  Science  

VIII.  Pre-Socratic Philosophers  

IX. Socrates        470-399BC

·          Life Line--ION

·          Trial—EUTHYPHRO ,APOLOGY

·          Prison-- CRITO

·          Death -PHAEDO

·          Legacy  

X. Plato             428-348BC  

·            Overview

·          The Theory of the Forms—PHAEDO

·          The Good Life—REPUBLIC

·          The Process-  SYMPOSIUM T

            The Legacy- Platonism

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