Transfer Agreement for Liberal Arts and Sciences (Mathematics and Science)

transfer agreement listing table
Transfer College NYC College of Technology  
Transfer Major B.S. Applied Chemistry  
Address 300 Jay Street,Brooklyn New York 11201  
Additional Information

Minimum Cumulative GPA Required: 2.0

Associate's Degree Required: YES


Total Transfer Credits towards Degree: 60

Total Credits to Complete Baccalaureate Degree: 60-63




A.S degree in Mathematics and a minimum GPA of 2.00.


Students who place into MA-440 or MA-441 should take PH-421/422 to reach 60 total credits at QCC before transfer.

Updated for Spring 2019

Transfer Credits to

Transfer Credits - Liberal Arts and Sciences (Mathematics and Science)
Transfer Program - B.S. Applied Chemistry

transfer comparison table
QCC Course QCC Credits Partner Course Partner Credits
01 Required Core 1A: ENGL-101 English Composition I 3.00 ENG-1101 3.00
02 Required Core 1A: ENGL-102 English Composition II 3.00 ENG-1121 3.00
11 MA-440 Pre-Calculus Mathematics 4.00 MAT-1375 4.00
04 Required Core 1C: CH-151 General Chemistry I 4.50 CHEM-1110 4.00
05 Flexible Core 2A: Select any course in 2A 3.00 World Cultures (Select one) 3.00
06 Flexible Core 2B: SP-211 recommended 3.00 COM-1330 3.00
07 Flexible Core 2C: Select any course in 2C 3.00 Creative Expression 3.00
08 Flexible Core 2D: Select any course in 2D - History or Social Science recommended 3.00 Individual & Society 3.00
12 MA-441 Analytical Geometry & Calculus I 4.00 MAT-1475 4.00
09 Flexible Core 2E: CH-152 General Chemistry II 4.50 CHEM-1210 4.00
10 Additional Flexible Core Course: CH-251 Organic Chemistry I 5.00 CHEM-2223 5.00
13 CH-252 Organic Chemistry II 5.00 CHEM-2323 5.00
16 HE-102 2.00 0.00
17 PE 400 and 500 series (Select two courses) 1.00 0.00
03 Required Core 2B: MA-119 College Algebra PLUS MA-121 Trigonometry 4.00 MAT 1275 College Algebra and Trigonometry1 4.00
14 MA-442 Analytical Geometry and Calculus II 4.00 MAT 1575 Calculus II 4.00
15 BI-201 General Biology I 4.00 BIO 1101 Biology I 4.00
18 _____________________________________________ Students who place into MA-440 or MA-441 will use that course to satisfy Required Core 1B and take PH-421/422 to reach 60 credits 0.00 0.00
19 PH-421 General Calculus Physics A (5 Credits) 0.00 PHYS 1441 General Physics I: Calculus Based (5 Credits) 0.00
20 PH-422 General Calculus Physics B (5 Credits) 0.00 PHYS 1442 General Physics II: Calculus Based (5 Credits) 0.00
  60.00 Total   56.00 Total

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