Occupation Information table
Overview: Design, create, and modify Web sites. Analyze user needs to implement Web site content, graphics, performance, and capacity. May integrate Web sites with other computer applications. May convert written, graphic, audio, and video components to compatible Web formats by using software designed to facilitate the creation of Web and multimedia content.
Duties: They use computer software languages and computer graphics and audio-video techniques to design a "website" for the purpose of describing an organization's services and products.

They decide upon cost-effective methods to install and update the information contained in the website. They design data collection methods to record information about people accessing the website.

They conduct pilot studies and surveys to measure the user- friendliness of a new designed website. Decide how to improve the information content, layout, design & usefulness of the website.

Decide how to strengthen information security procedures using passwords, encrypting and other barriers to protect confidential information on the website. They plan new Internet applications.

Degree(s): A.S. Digital Art and Design 
A.A.S. Computer Information Systems 
A.A.S. Internet and Information Technology 
Job Outlook: Employment in this field is projected to grow 14% or higher from 2018 to 2028, which is much faster than the average projected growth for all occupations.
Salary Range (National Average): $45,000 to $50,000
Growth: Growth
Education Level: Training for this occupation generally requires an Associate Degree from a 2 year or community college.
Additional Training/Education: An associate or bachelor's degree in computer science or information systems complemented with a WebMaster certificate or specialized coursework in Internet and Website technology is necessary. Courses should include Internet software languages, Website design using graphics and audio-visual techniques, Website setup and maintenance and information security. Courses in marketing and advertising will strengthen your credentials.
Advancement Info: Computer scientists employed in private industry may advance into managerial or project leadership positions. Computer specialists with work experience and considerable expertise in a particular subject or a certain application may find lucrative opportunities as independent consultants or may choose to start their own computer consulting firms.
Recommended Skills:
  • Analyzing requirements for a new product or service and creating a design to satisfy those needs.
  • Writing computer programs to perform specific information handling operations.
  • Paying attention to what other people are saying, and taking time to understand the points being made.
  • Ability to identify a problem, review related information, develop and evaluate options, and implement a solution.
  • The ability to understand complex written paragraphs, instructions, or reports.
  • Using logic to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems.
  • Analyzing the symptoms of a problem and deciding what actions should be taken to resolve the problem.
Recommended Values:
  • Having a routine job where the duties are very predictable and not likely to change over a long period of time.
  • Being able to express creative ideas through the arts.
  • Create new ideas, programs, things, or anything else not previously developed by another person.

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