Advertising Account Manager

Occupation Information table
Overview: These executives work in advertising agencies. They plan and manage advertising campaigns for their clients consisting of businesses and organizations. They determine clients' advertising needs, budget limits and media preferences. They plan and manage market research studies.
Duties: They work with clients to make proposals on advertising campaigns, budgets and selection of media for advertising. They convince clients to award his/her agency advertising contracts.

Advertising account executives meet with agency artists, copywriters, photographers, etc. to estimate costs and design of advertising content. Prepare mock-ups or simulations of ads for review with clients.

They coordinate all activities of media specialists assigned to the creation and production of the advertising materials. They negotiate with clients to schedule the showing of the ads.

They design studies to identify consumer preferences and evaluate effectiveness of different advertising methods and determine the types of people attracted to the client's products by the ads.

Degree(s): A.A. Liberal Arts and Sciences 
A.S. Liberal Arts and Sciences (Mathematics and Science) 
A.A.S. Management: Marketing Concentration 
A.S. Business Administration (Accounting and Marketing) 
Job Outlook: Employment in this field is projected to grow 5% to 8% percent from 2018 to 2028, which matches the average growth rate for all occupations.
Starting Salary: Many earn bonuses equal to 10% or more of their salaries.
Salary Range (National Average): $32,000 to $40,000
Education Level: Training for this occupation generally requires an Associate Degree from a 2 year or community college.
Additional Training/Education: For advertising management positions, most employers prefer a bachelor's degree in advertising and communication. Study programs should include courses in marketing, consumer behavior, market research, visual arts and communication. The new hire usually starts in assistant positions. College graduates with creativity, experience and excellent communication skills will have the best opportunities.
Advancement Info: They may be promoted to higher positions in their own or other firms. Some become top executives. Those who have a lot of experience may open their own businesses.
Recommended Skills:
  • Weighing out the options in a situation or a problem and logically choosing the best course of action.
  • Persuading, encouraging and motivating others to accept your ideas.
  • Talking, giving speeches, or speaking in a group to convey information, explain ideas, or give instructions.
  • Composing and communicating your ideas in written form.
Recommended Values:
  • Having a level of income that will afford you with luxuries, and which will allow you to become financially independent.
  • Persuading and influencing others to change their attitudes, behavior, and/or opinions.
  • Gaining the respect of others by the nature and/or level of responsibility of your work.

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