Queensborough's Hometown: Scenic Bayside, Queens

Bayside is located in the northeast section of Queens, just west of Long Island. Named for its location on Little Neck Bay, Bayside is a safe suburban community of approximately 30,000 which consists of several different residential neighborhoods.  

Bayside is an educational beacon within the City of New York, offering superior public schools. It is within District 26, considered one of the best school districts in New York City, and the 4,000 student Benjamin Cordozo High School, directly across from the Queensborough campus, is top rated among New York City High Schools.  For more on Bayside’s schools, visit: http://queens.about.com/cs/highschools/f/best_hs.htm

Bayside sports many acres of parks, several on waterside, as well as golf courses, picnic areas and hiking paths. Popular and vibrant shopping, dining and entertainment establishments on Bayside’s “Main Street”, Bell Boulevard, are just around the corner from Queensborough Community College. 
To read more about Bayside, visit:  http://queens.about.com/od/neighborhoods/p/bayside.htm