Profile of Queensborough Community College

At Queensborough Community College, we:

The Faculty

Queensborough has a superior and highly qualified faculty. Close to 60% hold a doctoral degree, as compared to the 20.3% national average for community colleges, and many hold professional licenses. Many are actively engaged in research – both in their fields of study as well as in community college teaching methodologies to benefit our students. The faculty is equally dedicated to the success of their students and encourages them to pursue their own intellectual development. The full-time faculty numbers approximately 300 and the adjunct faculty approximate 560 as of spring 2008.

Queensborough offers faculty the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL), reinforcing a campus climate where excellence in teaching flourishes and is recognized. Bringing faculty from all disciplines into contact with creative instructional practices and technologies, CETL acts as a resource center for research among faculty, hosts development seminars and workshops, and offers new faculty orientations with the goal to enhance teaching effectiveness across the College.

Queensborough faculty are highly dedicated to their students’ progress, and have received national recognition for their teaching methodologies and success. As an active and participatory member of one of the 17 academic departments of the College, faculty have input into their teaching schedules in order to ensure they have appropriate time for grant writing, committee work, conferences and research. Part of The City University of New York system, Queensborough faculty have access to unlimited collaboration and research facilities to aid them and their students in achieving scholarly success.

The Academies

The College’s mission is exemplified through The Queensborough Academies, revamped in 2013. The culmination of over eight years of research, planning and preparation, the five academies provide intensive academic and student support services for all students. What is new about The Queensborough Academies? We are scaling it up so as to institutionalize the effort and concentrate all services into the academies to benefit every student who starts their higher education experience with us.

The Students

About 60% of students come to Queensborough to earn their Associate degrees and transfer to a four-year college, while others obtain the necessary skills for career advancement or change. In fact, Queensborough has the highest transfer rate to a four year CUNY college than any of its five sister CUNY community colleges.

Queensborough’s student body number over 16,000 as of fall 2013, and close to 90% are residents of Queens. Reflecting the diversity of Queens, the most diverse county in the United States, 41% of students were born in another country, represent over 128 countries, and more than 50% speak a language other than English at home. Queensborough students lead very busy lives: juggling family, work and college obligations – nearly 65% of students are employed, even though roughly half are attending Queensborough full-time.

The Administration

The College administration is headed by Dr. Diane Bova Call, Interim President, appointed in July 2010. In her previous position as Provost, Dr. Call led the Academic Affairs division to create a student-centered learning environment in collaboration with the faculty and Student Affairs colleagues through curriculum and pedagogical innovations, academic enrichment activities such as undergraduate research, as well as instructional support and student services programs. Dr. Call's vast experience at Queensborough demonstrates a strong commitment to the life-long benefits of public higher education and diversity. She holds a Doctor of Education degree in College and University Administration, a Masters degree in Community College Administration and a second Masters degree in Student Personnel Administration, all earned from Teachers College, Columbia University.

Queensborough Community College's administrative structure emanates from the President and her Cabinet, which includes the Vice Presidents for Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Finance and Administration, Institutional Advancement and the Dean of Human Resources and Labor Relations