Education Benefits Changes/Updates

     As information comes in from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), GoArmyEd (GAE), as well as other agencies, we will try to update this link accordingly. For the most up to date policies on all VA ( benefit programs, GAE ( policies, or other sources of tuition assistance/aid, it is recommended that you contact those agencies to ensure that you are in compliance. We look forward to assisting you with any questions or concerns that you may have regarding the information listed below.


Please continue to monitor your Tiger Mail for further updates.


4/12/2013 (UPDATE) Army & Air Force Tuition Assistance

Within the last 72 hours the Army and the Air Force both have officially reinstated their federal tuition assistance programs. I have posted two links below for your reference. Reservists and Guard, as well as our active duty members, that qualify for these programs can begin to utilize these benefits again according to their branches requirements. 

Air Force 


If anyone has any questions/concerns please contact the QCC Office of Veterans Affairs.

Kevin Stevens, QCC Veterans Affairs
(718) 281-5767 



9/21/2012 GoArmyEd Authorized Fees - Clarification 

From the GoArmyEd Headquarters:

This message is to provide clarification regarding Army Tuition Assistance (TA) authorized fees and the message/memorandum released last week on September 12, 2012. 

There was no change to Army TA policy this month.  Army TA policy regarding fees is contained in Department of Defense Instruction (DODI) 1322.25 and was effective 15 March 2011.  The intent of the memo sent last week, was to clarify this policy and provide guidance to Schools to help ensure TA requests are submitted by Soldiers correctly and processed timely.   

For additional guidance you may cut and paste this link

Here you will find a list dated 22 Mar 12 detailing those fees for which TA can and cannot be used.  Although this is not a comprehensive list, you should be able to determine which fees are eligible for Army TA payment and those that are not. 

We understand fees are a part of the costs of attending an educational institution and are articulated differently across educational institutions. We appreciate your understanding as we apply policy as equitably and accurately as possible. 

Sincerely,   GoArmyEd Headquarters


9/19/12- A Message For GoArmyEd Students

 From the GoArmyEd Headquarters:

Over the past year the Army's guidance concerning what fees are authorized for Tuition Assistance (TA) has changed in response to fiscal constraints placed on Army TA funds and policy contained in DODI 1322.25. On September 12, 2012, the Director of Army Continuing Education signed a policy memorandum clarifying what fees are and are not authorized under Federal TA.

As a result of this policy shift, the majority of fees typically outlined in an institution's tuition and fee schedule are no longer eligible for Federal TA.

To access a copy of the signed memorandum, that you can either download or print, please cut and paste the following URL to a web browser:


GoArmyEd Headquarters



Update from Ms. Danie Jules, Certifying Official, Office of the Registrar: 

Beginning summer 2012, a “WU” grade will result in a reduction of VA benefits for all chapters.  

If you receive a “WU” grade, your certification will be adjusted at the end of the semester to convey that you have unofficially withdrawn from the course after the drop period and a punitive grade was assigned.  Please keep in mind that this kind of adjustment will reduce the amount of credits on your certification and you may be liablefor tuition costs. The City University of New York (CUNY) is a nonattendance taking university. Therefore, we will use the 50% mark of a given semester as the last date of attendance. For the fall 2012 semester, the 50% date is October 23, 2012.    

If you are experiencing any difficulty with your courses, please communicate this with your professors and try to work closely with them. If you believe that you will not be able to complete a course for any reason, please feel free to contact Kevin Stevens, the Coordinator of Veteran Affairs, or Danie Jules, the Certifying Official, to discuss how you can receive an official withdraw. Although the college is required to report this “W” grade to the VA, an official withdrawal, or a “W” grade, will not affect your GPA. The last day to submit an official withdrawal form is November 9, 2012.   

If you are having any difficulty (personal or academic) throughout the semester, please check the QCC’s website for the many resources available on campus to assist you with your academic success.