Tobacco-Free Campus

Students Who Value Their Health Are Excited

Chika Ugbala “I believe the Tobacco-Free Policy is an excellent initiative because many people don’t realize the serious health implications of smoking.”

Chika Ugbala
Health Sciences Student


QCC Faculty Who Have Been Touched by Cancer Are Relieved

Dr. Leslie Francis “I watched my sister die of lung cancer so I know first-hand the damage tobacco use can inflict. Give yourself a healthy future—live smoke-free.”

Dr. Leslie Francis
Assistant Professor, Business


Smokers Who Have Wanted To Quit, Now Have the Perfect Excuse

Simon Ulubabov “The Nursing Department is very supportive of people who want to quit smoking. In fact, several Nursing students have already come to the Health Center for nicotine patches and gum as a result of the tobacco-free campaign.”

Simon Ulubabov
Nursing Student


Yeman Tam “The Tobacco-free campaign is not just about ‘no smoking’ on campus—Queensborough has a support system in place for people who want to quit smoking and realize this is a great opportunity to do so.”

Yeman Tam
Student, Liberal Arts


Andrew DeNardo “I just quit smoking and I’m hopeful that a tobacco-free campus will inspire me to remain that way.”

Andrew DeNardo
Student, Speech Communication and Theatre Arts


Andrew DeNardo "As someone who has been a smoker – on and off – for the last 25 years, I appreciate the way in which the QCC Tobacco Policy was crafted: with an awareness of all sides of the issue, and with respect and empathy for all QCC stakeholders – smokers and non-smokers alike. I hope that there will be those, like myself, who really do want to quit smoking, who will see this as an opportunity (rather than an inconvenience) to succeed.”

Dion Pincus, HEO
Director of the Campus Writing Center

> There’s never been a better time to quit. To find out how we can help, click HERE.

And Everyone Appreciates No Second Hand Smoke

Danielle Del Priore “It’s hard to avoid second-hand smoke and I believe the tobacco-free campaign will help improve the air quality around campus.”

Danielle Del Priore
Liberal Arts Student


Alethea Tulloch“I support the tobacco-free policy because I believe it will help to create a healthier environment on campus.”

Alethea Tulloch
Liberal Arts Student

Quit Smoking
Visit the Office of Health Services for free Nicotine Replacement Therapy – patches and gum – and support in your efforts to stop smoking or using tobacco products.

Office of Health Services
Medical Arts Building
Room: MC-02