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Positively Fascinating History of Negative Numbers

Wednesday, April 9, 2003
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Dr. Patricia R. Allaire, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, QCC Dr. Allaire is currently the Secretary of the Canadian Society for History and Philosophy of Mathematics (CSHPM), an organization with members from 26 nations on six continents. Her most recent publications include an article in Historica Mathematica, and an entry on Duncan F. Gregory in the soon-to-be published Dictionary of Nineteenth-Century British Scientists. Dr. Allaire, who received her Doctorate from Adelphi University and Master’s from both Queens College, CUNY and Adelphi, is particularly interested in research on the history of algebra and foundations of calculus in Great Britain in the early nineteenth century, and pedagogical use of the history of mathematics. During this presentation Dr. Allaire explores “The Positively Fascinating History of Negative Numbers.”

Presenter: Dr. Patricia R. Allaire