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Cindy Sherman, Transformations: The Making of a Documentary

Wednesday, March 21, 2007
30m:38s | 2670 views

As an undergraduate, Paul Tschinkel studied painting at the Yale School of Art and Architecture, then, as a member of the New York art scene, pursued video as an art form early in its conception. Since then, he has trained his camera on friends and colleagues in the art world and produced documentaries that have become important accounts of contemporary art and valuable resources for scholars and students of recent art. His video studies capture defining and cutting-edge works by such iconic names as Warhol, Lichtenstein, Basquiat, Koons, Sherman, and many others. CINDY SHERMAN (1954- ) creates innovative work that explores the place of women in society. With photographs she takes of herself, in which she impersonates various fictitious characters, she challenges us to think about our perceptions as she shows us numerous roles women can have in our world, such as house wife, sex symbol, lover, victim. Over the past 25 years, she has produced a much acclaimed body of work that depicts the female persona as seen through the filter of the media. In his lecture, Professor Tschinkel will screen his documentary that covers Sherman's first show of color photographs at Metro Pictures in 1981 and a 2000 show, also at Metro Pictures. Included is a rare 1981 interview with Sherman and recent interviews with Helene Winer, her dealer, and Peter Schjeldahl, art critic for the The New Yorker magazine. He will then discuss the art of making documentaries as well as his passion for art and artist.

Presenter: Paul Tschinkel