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WISP: Work Immersion Study Program - 2012 Winner, Tracy Artis

Tuesday, May 22, 2012
02m:18s | 2994 views

The Baden-Württemberg STIPENDIUM “Work Immersion Study Program” in Germany (WISP) is an exciting opportunity available exclusively to community college students. WISP is a funded, three-month work-study immersion program that allows participants to gain practical work experience in their career field, improve their German language skills, and experience German culture firsthand. The program starts in June with a one-month language course at the Carl Duisberg Centrum, a language school in Radolfzell, Germany, followed with a two-month internship in a business or technical field that concludes in August. Internships are in the German state Baden-Württemberg and are customized to participants’ career fields. All interested community college students are qualified to apply as long as they meet the basic program requirements. We encourage you to take advantage of this unique opportunity and apply today!