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Globalization, Clash of Civilizations, and the Post 9/11 World

Wednesday, March 23, 2005
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Dr. Caf Dowlah, Assistant Professor Social Sciences Department, QCC Dr. Dowlah, who recently joined Queensborough’s Social Sciences faculty, brings to his post an impressive, multicultural background in economics and public policy within both educational and non-academic settings. The Bangladesh national is thrice a graduate of the University of Southern California, having earned a Ph.D. in Political Economy and Public Policy in 1990 and two separate Master’s degrees – in Economics and Public Administration – from the institution. Dr. Dowlah has authored several books and refereed papers. His most recent book, entitled "Backwaters of Global Prosperity: How the GATT/WTO Trade Regimes Contribute to the Marginalization of the World's Poorest Nations" has just been published by Praeger publishers. This lecture addresses how the forces of economic globalization, reinforced by a “clash of civilizations,” contribute to the post-9/11 reality of global insecurity. “The recent tsunami disaster in Asia has brought into light the complicated relationships between the world’s richest nations and its least developed countries,” explains Dr. Dowlah. “Beyond this singular tragedy, there is a very complex ongoing relation that needs to be studied in the light of the increasing globalization of our markets and industry."

Presenter: Dr. Caf Dowlah