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Student Dance Concert (2014) (Trailer)

Thursday, May 8, 2014
02m:48s | 1243 views

Sponsored by the Dance Residency Program
Through the Queensborough Student Association and the Department of Health, Physical Education, Dance, and Massage Therapy

"Draw Breath"
Choreography: Aviva Gesimar
Music: Iva Bittova
Dancers: Brittney Foy, Hyunjin Kim, Nia Kennedy, Wilian Mejia, Chun-Yuan Mo, Dale Nathaniel, J'nae Simmons, Annmarie Sussman, Queen Toussaint, Alexandria Ward, and Alisha Woodley

"No Judgement"
Choreography: Amanda Perlmutter, John Tarrayo, and Anthony Wilmot
Music: "Young and Beautiful" by Lana Del Rey - Mixed By: Alain Saint-Louis
Dancers: Amanda Perlmutter, John Tarrayo, and Anthony Wilmot

"In Your Dream…" Choreography: Eunseo Park
Music: "Wind blowing the Trees" by Rest Television, "Berlin" by The Piano Guys, "River flows in you" by H. David Romero
Dancers: Daryl Beachman, Hyunjin Kim, Eliza Pacheco, J'nae Simmons, and John Tarrayo

Choreography: Robert Battle
Staged by: Erika Pujic
Rehearsal Director: Emily Berry
Original music: Carl Landa
Dancers: Sheila Genao, Anysia Kelly, Imani Massicot, Chun-Yuan Mo, Eliza Pacheco, Amanda Perlmutter, Jalissa Porras, Wilian Mejia, Jelissa Williams and Shamika Wilson

"A Gentle Mother"
Choreography: Dale Nathaniel
Music: Kanojo no modern (instrumental)
Dancers: Dale Nathaniel and J'nae Simmons

"Human Orchestra"
Choreography: Ryan Johnson
Rehearsal Director: Emily Berry
Music: Composed by Ryan Johnson performed by the dancers
Poem: Ryan Johnson
Dancers: Daryl Beacham, Tony Delpratt, Sheila Genao, Nia Kennedy, Imani Massicot, Ruben Morales, Amanda Perlmutter, Jalissa Porras, John Tarrayo, Alexandria Ward, Jelissa Williams, Anthony Wilmot, and Shamilka Wilson

"My Roots"
Choreography: Dale Nathaniel
Music: "Before the Throne & Enthroned" by Shekinah Glory Ministry
Dancers: Imani Massicot, Dale Nathaniel, Eliza Pacheco, Eunseo Park, John Tarrayo, Queen Toussaint, and Shamilka Wilson

"Memory in Lost Time"
Choreographed and Performed by: Ruben Morales
Music: "Insightful" by Tree Level

"Stable Freedom"
Choreography: Malcolm Low
Sound Design: Damon White
Dancers: Daryl Beachum, Tony Delpratt, Brittney Foy, Anysia Kelly, Hyunjin Kim, Ruben Morales, Dale Nathaniel, Eliza Pacheco, Eunseo Park, J'nae Simmons, John Tarrayo, Queen Toussaint, Anthony Wilmot, and Alisha Woodley

Technical Director: John Funke
Lighting Designer: Scott Mancha
Stage Manager: Latil Goodwin
Tech Crew: Mark Amsterdam & Matt Sherman
House Manager: Mauricio Mercado

Chair of Health, Physical Education, and Dance: Dr. Young Kim
Director of the Dance Program: Emily Berry
Co-directors of Dance Workshop: Emily Berry and Aviva Geismar
Full-time Dance Faculty: Emily Berry, Elyn Feldman, and Aviva Geismar

We would like to extend a special thank you to the Department of Health, Physical Education, Dance, and Massage Therapy, The Queensboorugh Student Association, Dr. Isabella Lizzul, Dr. Young Kim, Barbara Bucholtz, Paul Weiss, and Elyn Feldman for all of your help, support and collaboration!!!!