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"The Soap Myth" - Q&A with playwright Jeff Cohen

Wednesday, September 25, 2013
17m:22s | 1230 views

Digital Presentation of “The Soap Myth,” followed by Q&A with author Jeff Cohen
The horrific possibility that the Nazis turned Jews into soap is the catalyst for “The Soap Myth,” a play by Jeff Cohen. Cohen’s lead characters, a survivor and a young investigative journalist, go on a collision course to ascertain how much fact is needed for something not to be fiction.

Jeff Cohen is an American theater director, playwright and producer. His play, “The Soap Myth,” was produced by the National Jewish Theater Foundation at the Roundabout Theater Company's Steinberg Theater Center in the Spring of 2012. The production, directed by Arnold Mittelman, featured Andi Potamkin, Greg Mullavey, Dee Pelletier and Donald Corren. That production caught the attention of prominent Holocaust scholar Michael Berenbaum who, in an editorial in the Jewish Forward (among other places) has championed the play as authentically capturing the tension between Holocaust survivors and Holocaust historians, and promoting a detente between the two groups.